Raef LaFrentz Nuggets Jersey

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Raef Lafrentz JerseyRaef LaFrentz Nuggets Jersey

Wow Factor of this Random Jersey: 9 out of 10. He was only on the Nuggets for 3.5 years and it’s Raef freaking LaFrentz.

Raef LaFrentz was surprisingly a pretty decent player early in his career (minus his injury plagued first season) though he never lived up to the potential that the Nuggets saw when they drafted him number 3 overall in 98′. He averaged 12.4+ ppg  and 7.4+ boards in each of his first four NBA seasons.

This Sports Illustrated article talks about how Raef LaFrentz could be the number one overall pick. When you consider that The Candy Man and Mike Bibby were taken number 1 and 2 then that doesn’t seem like that crazy of a scenario. Looking back on it the 98′ draft was either boom or bust. Here are some of the good players drafted: Antawn Jamison (4), Vince Carter (5), Dirk (9), Paul Pierce (10). Here are some of the bad players drafted: Tractor Traylor (6), Larry Hughes (8), Michael Doleac (12), Michael Dickerson (14), Bryce Drew (16), and Pat Garrity (19).

Apparently there is a really big Raef LaFrentz fan out there because someone put together a highlight real for him.

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