Random Jerseys Compilation: August 1-17

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These are random jerseys sent in via social media from August 1-17. Big shout out to all of you who continue to send them over. Much love.

With the NFL season on the horizon the NFL jerseys theme continues to pick up steam. The biggest jersey fail without a doubt goes to the Tim Tebow Steelers jersey, which takes being a yinzer to a whole new level. We’ve seen multiple Tim Tebow jerseys from teams other than ones he’s played for so amazingly this isn’t that shocking to see.

Shout out to the Esteban Loaiza White Sox jersey. He had a career 4.65 ERA except he bucked that trend in 2003 when he balled out of his mind for the White Sox to the tune of a 21-9 record, 2.90 ERA, and led the AL in strikeouts with 2017.

As always, if you see any random jerseys on the street make sure to snap a pic and send them over via Twitter @BaconSports, Snapchat, Instagram @BaconSports, or drop me a line at

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Rob Cressy

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