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Best Random Jerseys Rocked at Lollapalooza Day Two

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Day Two of Lollapalooza started off pretty slow because Mother Nature decided to absolutely drench the city for about two hours. After that Hoopster Nation woke up from their drunk stupor and started to come strong. If I gave you a card and you see your jersey on here shoot me an email to: rob@baconsports.com. I want to give you a shout out on the site. Also, see what went down on Day One.

Here’s the best random Hoopster jerseys that I saw:

Earl Boykins Nuggets Jersey

It takes a lot to shock me and this Earl Boykins Denver Nuggets jerseys most certainly did. The randomness of this jersey is what makes it so good. Boykins is best known because he is only 5’5″. He’s the current day version of Spud Webb and Muggsy Bogues. At his best Boykins was a backup point guard that could continue to run the offense and hope to pick up the tempo a bit because of his energy. Of the 255 games that he played for the Nuggets he only started 35 of them. How many people out there are willing to drop some coin on the jersey of a guy that comes off the bench? Not many. Kudos to this guy.

Muggsy Bogues Bullets Jersey

Speaking of the devil, look who we found (shout out to Alison Shapiro for this find). This is a Muggsy Bogues Washington Bullets jersey. When I said that the Hoopsters at Lollapalooza stepped their game up I wasn’t kidding. 99% of the Muggsy Bogues jerseys that you’ll see out there are from when he was on the Charlotte Hornets so this one is definitely rare.

Muggsy started his career with the Bullets and only lasted one season. He was drafted 12th overall out of Wake Forest and gave the Bullets a pedestrian 5 ppg and 5 assists. Following that season he was selected by the Hornets with the sixth pick in the expansion draft. That ended up being one of the best things to happen to his career because he spent ten good seasons with the Hornets.

The best part about Muggsy Bogues being on the Bullets was that he got to be on the same team as Manute Bol. That led them to take this picture.

Brad Miller Pacers jersey

This guy is walking around in his Brad Miller Indiana Pacers jersey with a little bit of jump in his step. Maybe it’s because the rain stopped. Maybe it’s because he is wearing the jersey of an NBA journeyman. Who knows. What I do know is that this Hoopster understands that it’s way cooler to be wearing a Brad Miller jersey than it is a Reggie Miller jersey.

Amazingly Brad Miller was actually one of the better journeymen players that your team could sign or trade for. So far he’s been with six different franchises and has averaged 11 ppg and 7 boards in only 28 minutes over his career. You may not know this but he is still playing in the league. He’s playing for the Timberwolves and is coming off his lowest producing season ever. He only played in 15 games, starting 1, and gave the Timbies a cool 2.3 ppg and 1.3 boards. My guess is that there isn’t much fuel left in his tank.

Rodney White Pistons Jersey

When I saw this jersey it took me some time to figure out who it was. At first I thought it might be Jahidi White but then I checked and saw that he was number 55 and never played for the Pistons. After that I was stumped so I looked it up and saw that it was Rodney White. Remember him? He was drafted 9th overall in the first round of the 2001 draft out of UNC Charlotte. He never materialized into much and the Pistons shipped him off for a bunch of garbage and a future first round pick (which later became Josh Smith, who never played a game for the Pistons because he was traded in some gigantic 87 team trade that’s too confusing to talk about. Just know that Bob Sura was involved). This jersey would get categorized as “gross” due to how poorly White played on the Pistons (and in his NBA career as a whole). Kudos to this guy for having the balls to rock this. He’s most likely a Pistons fan and there’s nothing fun about the constant reminder of a busted first round pick.

Mahmoud Abdul Rauf Kings Jersey

On day two I decided to bust out my Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf Sacramento Kings jersey. Like everyone else I was pulling out the big guns for Lolla. I had some random guy come up to me and tell me how awesome the Shareef Abdur-Rahim jersey was that I was wearing. I let him go on for a few minutes about Abdur-Rahim before I ended the conversation. What an idiot. Who could screw up Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf and Shareef Abdur-Rahim? Their names are nothing alike.

Sharif Abdur Rahim Grizzlies Jersey

Speaking of the devil, the random dude who was talking to me should have been talking to the guy who was actually wearing the Shareef Abdur-Raheem jersey. Abdur-Raheem was a really good player and under normal circumstances his stats would have been too good for him to qualify as a good Hoopster jersey. Here’s the loophole, he did it for the Vancouver Grizzlies, a team that has absolutely no fans. Zero. Zilch. Nada. The Grizzlies were one of the four worst teams each of the years that Abdur-Raheem was there. Their level of crappiness actually brings down Abdur-Raheem to a level where you can wear his jersey and get respect. No regular person would want to be caught dead in a Grizzlies jersey. Thus the beauty of this jersey.

Anthony Mason Knicks Jersey

I really liked this Anthony Mason New York Knicks jersey because he is not the number 1 (John Starks), 2 (Patrick Ewing), or 3 (Charles Oakley) option for Knicks jerseys that you’ll see. Mason was drafted in the third round out of Tennessee State University by the Portland Trailblazers. Three picks before him the Phoenix Suns drafted Steve Kerr. Over his 13 year NBA career Mason made over $45 million. My favorite part about Anthony Mason is that he appeared in an episode of New York Undercover.

Shaq Cavs jersey

This Shaquille O’Neal Cleveland Cavaliers jersey is on the fringe of being post worthy. The only reason that it made the cut is because he only played one season in Cleveland and in ten years from now this will look way cooler.

Tom Gugliotta Timberwolves Lolla Jersey

A Tom Gugliotta Minnesota Timberwolves jersey won the best jersey at Bonnaroo award when I was there back in June. I wanted to post this jersey again to help the credibility level of Lollapalooza as it only adds to the overall awesomeness of the jerseys at the festival. Any time someone’s rocking a Goog’s jersey he deserves to get some dap. Great find again by Alison Shapiro on this one.

Big Country Reeves Jersey

Alison Shapiro is on fire this weekend as she found another absolute gem, a Bryant “Big Country” Reeves Vancouver Grizzlies jersey. If you have read this far then I don’t need to explain why a Big Country Reeves jersey is so cool. It’s pretty self explanatory. There is, however, a misconception that Big Country was a gigantic bust, he wasn’t. He was second team NBA All Rookie team and in his second and third seasons with the Griz he averaged over 16 ppg and 8 boards. That lead him to signing a monster 6 year, $61 million contract. That’s exactly when things started to go downhill. From there he was plagued with injuries and was never himself again. It seems that everyone only remembers the back half of his career when he was a turd opposed to when he was living up to the hype.

Neil Walker Pirates Jersey

I ran into two full blown y’inzers that were repping their Pittsburgh gear hard. Here’s one of them rocking a Neil Walker Pittsburgh Pirates jersey. Apparently all it took was having a team that isn’t completely putrid for Bucco’s fans to come of of their shells. I ran into this guy and his friend the next day and he had absolutely no recollection of talking to me. Welcome to Lollapalooza!

Vinny Testaverde Jets Jersey

As I was leaving I ran into this beauty, a Vinny Testaverde New York Jets jersey. Vinny played twenty one seasons in the NFL, seven of them with the Jets (that’s the most of any team for him). Here’s a card that the NFL put out of Vinny’s wife, Mitzi.

This jersey was the perfect ending to day two of Lollapalooza. Check back tomorrow for day three’s jersey and later in the week when I reveal my Top 5 jerseys of Lollapalooza ranking. If your jersey gets selected I’ll send you some Bacon Sports swag.

If you see any random jerseys on the street snap a pic and send it to us on Instagram or Twitter @BaconSports and use #randomjerseyClick here to see the most comprehensive guide to random jerseys ever! 

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