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Best Random Jerseys Rocked at Lollapalooza Day Three

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day 3 lolla jerseys

Day Three of Lollapalooza is what separates the men from the boys (see Day One and Day Two here). For Hoopster Nation are you able to rock a jersey for a third consecutive day that’ll turn some heads. You aren’t going to get any love from us in a Shawn Kemp or Reggie Miller jersey. If you rock an Austin Croshere Pacers or Scott Skiles Magic jersey then you’ll definitely get your dap. On day three Mother Nature treated us kind so Hoopsters were everywhere in their Sunday’s best. As I mentioned in day one and day two, if you see your jersey on here then shoot me an email to: rob@baconsports.com. I want to give you some credit for the jersey.

Here’s the best jersey of the last day of Lollapalooza. Enjoy:


What a better way to start day three of Lollapalooza then by seeing a Sebastian Telfair jersey. I believe this is a throwback to his days at Lincoln High School but I’m not 100% certain. The only time that Telfair wore number 31 in the NBA was with the Portland Trailblazers and Phoenix Suns. That jersey is white and navy blue and that isn’t really the color of either team. Lincoln High’s colors were white and blue so that’s as close as we are gonna get.

I gave some thoughts on Telfair during a Draft.Resign.Cut. article that I did a while back so I won’t go into detail about what I think about him again. Instead I’ll show you a picture of Telfair from one of the four games that he played with the Cleveland Cavaliers back in 09′. This is likely the only time you’ve ever seen him in a Cavs jersey.

Since I live in Chicago 95% of the Bulls jerseys that I see are Michael Jordan or Scottie Pippen (rightfully so). That’s why I take such joy in seeing someone go outside the box and rock something like this John Paxson Bulls jersey. Did you know that John Paxson changed his number three times while with the Bulls? He went from 15 to 5 to 4. I can’t seem to find any record as to why he did this so I’ll just assume that he lost a bet to Michael Jordan.

Even though Paxson played seven seasons in the NBA and hit the game winning 3 in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, he only made $4.7 million for his career. To put that into perspective, Sebastian Telfair has made over $16 million in his eight year career despite having almost identical numbers (minus all the winning and titles).

Sorry for the bad shot on this one but it’s not easy getting a picture of a Flip Murray Detroit Pistons jersey when you are packed in like sardines at a “The Gaslight Anthem” show. From where I was standing all that I could see was “Murra” and what looked to be the number 22. Without seeing the front of the jersey I had to quickly go through my NBA roladex to think about who’s jersey this could be. Quickly I came up with Lamond Murray, Flip Murray, and Tracy Murray. While Tracy and Lamond Murray were both better players than Flip, I figured that this had to be Flip because his two seconds of fame are the type of thing that Hoopsters love.

Did you know that Flip Murray was the DII player of the year when he was at Shaw University? His career high in points scored in an NBA game is 31 (it was for the Sonics against the Heat in 03′). He played for every team in the Eastern Conference Central Division (Bulls, Bucks, Cavs, Pistons, Pacers). He made more than twice as much money in his career as John Paxson ($9.6 million).

This is a very unique Thunder Dan Majerle Phoenix Suns jersey. This jersey is from the 1995 NBA All Star game that took place in Phoenix. Here’s some things of note from that game: Tyrone Hill made the Eastern Conference squad as did Vin Baker and Dana Barros (really, Dana freaking Barros? I would have lost that bet). In that game Thunder Dan scored 10 points on 4 of 12 shooting. How very Larry Hughes of him.

This LaGarrette Blount Tampa Bay Bucaneers jersey is either one of the best or one of the worst jerseys of Lollapalooza. I’m inclined to say that it is one of the best for the following reason: it says “Blount” on the back and this is from a festival where there are plenty of stoners. No way this guy is a Bucs fan. They barely exist in Tampa none the less in Chicago. Now that we’ve got that cleared up…what a creative jersey! The only thing that would have made this better would have been his friend rocking a Corey Blount Bulls/Lakers/Cavaliers/Suns/Warriors/76ers/Raptors jersey or a Brandon “Weed”-en Cleveland Browns jersey. Smoke em’ if you got em’.

This is my boy Ken rocking a Latrell Sprewell Golden State Warriors jersey. Some random guy came up to him and said “Dude, I love your Chris Mullin jersey”. Major Fail. Hoopsters may have been rocking some awesome jerseys but I never said anything about them being smart.

This is my friend Alison rocking quite possibly the greatest Pittsburgh Pirates Shirsey (pronounced “sure-zee” meaning shirt jersey) ever. Yep, that’s a Jay Bell Pittsburgh Pirates shirsey. Sorry guys, Alison is taken, you’ll have to find another girl that knows who Jay Bell is and also owns his shirt jersey from over 15 years ago.

Anyone else remember when Jay Bell, at the ripe old age of 34, hit a career high 38 HR’s and 112 RBI’s with the Diamondbacks? Yes, Jay Bell had those power numbers. To put those numbers into perspective, in his first five seasons he only had a combined 30 HR’s. Before 99′ Bell had never hit more than 21 HR’s in a season and only hit more than 16 HR’s twice. In his eight seasons with the Bucos he hit single digit HR’s in a season five times. Hmmm….something smells like Brady Anderson. Regardless of his power number merits this shirsey is awesome!

I initially saw this jersey from the back and couldn’t think of who’s jersey this could be other than Dominique Wilkins. No one would own a Gerald Wilkins when Dominque is clearly the better option so he’s out. The problem is that I couldn’t remember when Dominique Wilkins played for the Boston Celtics. Upon talking to this Hoopster (shout out to Caleb Wenstrom) I found out that Dominque had a brief one year stint with the Celtics towards the end of his career.

Upon further examination, when Dominique went to the Celtics is also when his number started to decline pretty severely. He went from averaging 29 ppg with the Clipjoint to 17.8 with the C’s. Nique was logging less minutes, shooting less often, and when he did shoot his percentage was more like Ricky Davis than Larry Bird. He played only one season with the Celtics before he signed with the Magic.

This jersey is definitely one of my favorites of all of Lollapalooza and is in the running for best jersey of the festival. If most people didn’t even know that one of the most electric and well known players in NBA history played for a team and you end up rocking that jersey then you deserve to get some made love.

This is me rocking my Mitch Richmond USA Olympic Team jersey. Since the Olympics are going on I had to rep the U-S of A. I was definitely not the only one rocking an Olympic jersey but I was most definitely the only one rocking a Mitch Richmond. When buying an Olympic jersey there are limited options to be original. The best way to buy a good one is to see who’s jersey is the cheapest and buy that one. Most young Hoopsters want to buy an MJ, Magic, or Barkley but there’s nothing original in that. Look for the low hanging fruit and you’ll rarely have to worry about someone else wearing the same jersey as you.

A while ago I did an article about Top 2 NBA Draft picks that are centers and gave my thoughts on Greg Oden. I hate seeing someone who has elite potential not fulfill that potential because of injury. Greg Oden is the poster boy of that. The problem is that a lot of people like to hate and will quickly talk about Oden as a gigantic bust like he was a Ryan Leaf level turd. That brings us to this Greg Oden Portland Trailblazers jersey. Is this Hoopster rocking this because he was a Trailblazers fan? Ohio State fan? Ironic Hoopster? This guy looks like he’s kinda tall so I’m guessing he played center in High School. I think that’s the link. Since there weren’t a ton of dominant center jerseys for him to choose from he went all in with Oden when the Trailblazers drafted him. That’s the story that I’m going with.

Stacey Augmon Atlanta Hawks jersey. Much respect. Nique is the clear cut #1 Hawks jersey that most Hoopsters would buy followed by Spud Webb at #2. That puts Augmon at #3 unless there is an Adam Keefe fan club near you. Stacey Augmon’s career was pretty good when he was with the Hawks. He averaged 12.7 ppg or more in each of his five seasons there and was a solid contributor to a team that was good but not great. The Hawks then traded him to the Pistons and he promptly became Adam Keefe. He never averaged more than 5.8 ppg in a season again and nine times averaged less than 4.7 ppg. Regardless of his utter turdness post Atlanta, when he was with the Hawks he could ball and throw down some monster dunks. That’s all I care about and that’s why I love this jersey.

I loved the movie “The Pistol” and I love this “Pistol” Pete Maravich Atlanta Hawks jersey (yes, a blue, white, and green Hawks jersey). For all you young Hoopsters out there that don’t know the levels of greatness of the Pistol I’ll drop some knowledge on you. Pistol Pete got his nickname “Pistol” in High School because he used to shoot the ball from his side and that looked like he was shooting a revolver. Thus the Pistol was born. At LSU Maravich averaged 44.2 ppg over his four year career. He played before the three point line was implemented. It was estimated that had there been a three point line he would have averaged 57 ppg. Over his NBA career he averaged 24 ppg, 5 dimes, and 4 boards and while on the Hawks he topped off at 27.7 ppg, 5 and 5. The Pistol was one of the most entertaining players to watch and I would have given anything to be able to see him play.

I saw a Raef LaFrentz Denver Nuggets jersey last year at Lollapalooza and was just as excited to see one again this year. I don’t know why but this jersey does it for me. Sort of like how some guys are legs or ass men, I’m a Raef LaFrentz guy. I find the jersey funny and awesome at the same time.

WOW! WOW! WOW! That’s a freaking Rashaad Salaam Chicago Bears jersey. The fact that I live in Chicago doesn’t take anything away from this jersey because seeing anything Rashaad Salaam related anywhere is like seeing BigFoot, Clark Kellogg actually look at the camera while he’s talking during March Madness, or Kobe Bryant passing the ball. It doesn’t happen often and when you see it you go nuts. Salaam was drafted 21st overall in the first round by the Chicago Bears in the 95′ NFL Draft. He came out of the gates smoking as he rushed for over 1000 yards and 10 TD’s in his rookie season. Things were all well and dandy until Salaam couldn’t stop smoking dro’ or holding on to the football. What looked like a promising NFL career turned into disaster. He rushed for less than 500 yards his second season with the Bears and the following year he only played in three games. After that the Bears let him go. Because they were in need of a running back they decided to fill that need by taking Curtis Enis in the 1998 draft. He ended up being an even bigger bust than Salaam. Therefore, not only did Salaam screw the Bears once but he indirectly screwed them again.  So ya, all of that is why this Rashaan Salaam jersey is so awesome.

This is an Adam Banks Mighty Ducks shirsey with cut off sleeves. As someone who was 12 years old when this movie came out I love what this guy is rocking. Banks was clearly the best player on that District 5 team and just because Charlie Conway scored the game winning goal on a penalty shot doesn’t mean that Bank is any less awesome. He is.

This Daniel Gibson Cleveland Cavaliers jersey makes the cut because Gibson’s career ppg is in the single digits and his nickname is “Boobie”. For as much as people think that Gibson is a shooter he really isn’t. His career shooting percentage is a 40.9% and last year he shot a DaJuan Wagner-like 35.1% from the field. Barf! He actually is a 41.6% three point shooter so he should stop chucking up those 12 footers and get behind the line. For this Hoopsters sake I hope that people think that he’s rocking a Taj Gibson jersey. That wouldn’t be as gross at this Boobie Gibson one.

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