Random jerseys seen on the streets this weekend

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jake peavy white sox jersey

Like drunk girls at the bar, the random jerseys that we saw on the streets this weekend came in all different shapes and sizes.

jake peavy white sox jersey

There is nothing overly crazy about seeing someone in Chicago walking around in a Jake Peavy White Sox jersey. It’s a little weak since Peavy isn’t the number one pitcher that Sox fans hoped he’d be and at best he’s been an inconsistent pitcher that can win just about as many games as he loses. Not exactly authentic jersey material and by no means is it as cool as rocking a Wilson Alvarez or Alex Fernandez jersey. What does make this picture more spectacular is the White Sox logo shaved into the back of this guys head. Last time I checked this is what made girls panties drop.

troy brown patriots jersey

BS regular Gibson Smith captured his co-working rocking this Troy Brown New England Patriots alternate jersey at the office. Apparently he was taking “casual Friday’s” to a whole new level. Speaking of offices, it gives us a great time to bring back this Terry Tate Office Linebacker video.

Tune Squad Jersey JimenezTune Squad Jersey

I need some help on this jersey. I know that it’s a Tune Squad jersey from the movie “Space Jams” but that’s all that I’ve got. I’ve never seen the movie nor can I find any record of a player named Jimenez. Why is this guy rocking it and/or why is that cool? If you know put the answer in the comments. Shout out to Marty Dieffenbach for this find.

Rob Cressy

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