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I received a message from Derek Yates, a jersey enthusiast that’s part of the Bacon Sports community, who is selling some random NBA jerseys from his awesome collection on eBay. The lot includes some Level 4 jerseys that would look fresh on any hoopster this summer and definitely get you some dap.

I figured I’d do him a solid as well as help any of you out who are looking to add another random jersey to your collection. YOU CAN CHECK OUT HIS JERSEYS FOR SALE HERE.

I’ll highlight the Top 5 jerseys he’s selling (click each link to be taken to the eBay page).


Mateen Cleaves Pistons Jersey

This is a level 5 jersey that is as rare as it is awesome. Because Mateen Cleaves spent so little time in the NBA this jersey is very hard to come by, yet his name recognition is very high because of being such a well known college baller at Michigan State. It’s a jersey that is any random jersey lovers dream. I’m considering bidding on this as I’m a huge fan of this Pistons logo and it’ll make up for the Malik Sealy Pistons jersey that I sold.


Tom Gugliotta Timberwolves Jersey

There are few white ballers in the NBA that will get you dap because their game was good AND their jersey is random. Googs is in that class with Thunder Dan Majerle. This jersey is fire and will 100% get you dap when you rock it.


Raef La Frentz Nuggets Jersey

Raef La Frentz is in a different category of white baller. His jersey is more random than he was good even though he averaged double-digit scoring over his 10 year NBA career. I think it was his ridiculous contract combined with being left-handed that I like so much about him/this jersey.


Allen Iverson 76ers Rewind Swingman Jersey

I’m not one who typically buys jerseys of high-profile players but AI is an exception for obvious reasons. His handles + heart + scoring ability + practice = awesome. Combine that with a throwback 76ers logo and you’ve got the recipe for a sweet jersey.


Chris Webber Bullets Jersey

Any Bullets jerseys is awesome, especially of a notable player like C Web who played there early in his career. I’d also include a Googs or Rex Chapman Bullets jersey in that list (which would be bananas). I’d rock this with confidence and watch as some less informed people say “I didn’t even know that he played for the Bullets.”

Also included in the jerseys Derek is selling is a Dennis Rodman Spurs, a Hakeem Team USA, a Bo Outlaw Magic, a Darko Pistons, a Vin Baker Bucks, a Ray Allen Sonics, and Reggie Miller Pacers.

YOU CAN CHECK OUT ALL OF THE JERSEYS HERE. The sale runs through Friday, July 17 so make sure to get your bids in now!

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