Bacon isn’t just for breakfast any longer. Ranking the top 5 best bacon foods

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top-5-best-bacon-foodsAs sports fans we love ranking things. We often come up with various lists of our favorite players, teams, hot chicks, whatever. For me bacon is an elite champion of the food arena by itself. It is awesome when it makes a guest appearance during lunch or dinner, kind of like when the Harlem Globe Trotters just showed up on random episodes of Scooby Doo. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of my top five favorite foods featuring bacon. Some of them you may be able to find at local eateries, others you’ll need to make yourself. Regardless they are all 100% sizzlin!

5. The Bacon Explosion


We have talked about this item before as it is an emerging star in the food world and is getting as much face time in the media as LeBron James. This masterpiece is a bacon-stuffed, bacon-wrapped Italian sausage, with Kansas City style barbecue sauce and rub. For a bacon lover like myself I’m starting to get all hot and bothered just talking about it.

Waiting for it to arrive reminded me of Christmas 1993 when after doing some investigative snooping I had discovered my Mom got me NHL 94 and I had to wait until the morning of to have Jeremy Roenick unleash one timer’s in the same way he currently does criticism of the Pittsburgh Penguins. As soon as the bacon explosion arrived it was off to the kitchen to prepare. It was the perfect combo of sweet and smoky flavors. I was instantly in bacon after glow.

If you want to taste the bacon explosion then you can buy one here.

4. Maple bacon donut


My initial reaction when stumbling upon this culinary confection while on a random road trip was similar to the way Homer Simpson reacts when he hears the word donut. It is a long john donut featuring a bacon and maple syrup glaze with pieces of bacon on top. People who make the donut have been quoted as saying, “It’s your breakfast plate turned into one item that you put in your mouth.” I agree circle gets a square.

3. Bacon and Beer Cheese Funnel Cake


This next dish I discovered at Winghart’s Burger and Whiskey Bar in my hometown of Pittsburgh. They fry up some funnel cake batter and then top it with a beer cheese sauce and diced chunks of applewood smoked bacon. The gooeyness of the cheese sauce, smokiness of the bacon with the carnival taste of funnel cake was like a three way of deliciousness in my mouth. They will be featured on an upcoming episode of the United States of Bacon on Destination America so this is legit. If you are ever in Pittsburgh be sure to check them out.

2. Bacon Taco


You may have seen pictures of this next item on the World Wide Web and instantly began salivating like a dog looking at a bag of Beggin’ Strips. This item can be found at the Fifth Third Ballpark in Comstock Park, Michigan, home of the Detroit Tiger’s class A affiliate the Whitecaps. It was the winner of a fan driven contest to select the next concession item. I tip my cap to those bacon lovers who voted for this.

If you can’t make it to the park just do what I did and create an overlapping bacon fabric by weaving four strips together and then you drape the shell over a taco shaped aluminum foil mold and bake at four hundred degrees. Once it is finished you add your favorite taco ingredients and enjoy the taste fiesta.

1. Bacon wrapped Filet


Ever wonder what happens when pig meets cow? Delicious happens in the form of a bacon wrapped filet. This item is number one for a couple reasons. The first being it is a marriage of two of my favorite food items, bacon and steak, which is the food of equivalent of Hulk Hogan and The Macho Man Randy Savage teaming up to form the Mega Powers back in the glory days of the WWF. The second reason is it is the most accessible of all the items on the list as you can find this pretty much at any decent steakhouse across the country.

I’m sure there are plenty of items I didn’t get to cover so holler at us and share your favorite items that feature bacon. As Bacon Mania continues to run wild I’m sure we will have plenty of other tasty items to enjoy.





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