Ravishing Rick Rude Shows Tim Duncan How To Talk Trash

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tim-duncan-talking-trashThe era of good smack talk is officially dead. When asked about the upcoming NBA Finals series with the Miami Heat Tim Duncan said, “We have four more to win. We’ll do it this time” and then followed it up with, “We’re happy to have another opportunity at it. We’re happy it’s the Heat again…we’ll be ready for them.” This then turned into an actual discussion in the media and elicited some weak follow-up response from LeBron James. Somewhere Ravishing Rick Rude is turning in his grave because when it comes to trash talking this gets a G-rating. Get out of here with that weak sauce.

Here’s Ravishing Rick Rude showing what real trash talk is by having more than a few choice words about the Big Boss Man’s mother on Brother Love’s show. Yes, mother. Hit the music.

Woh. Talk about going hard in the paint. Not only does Ravishing Rick Rude confirm all the awful things he previously said about the Big Boss Man’s mother but he then adds on to the level of awful that she is and raises his game to a whole new level. Ravishing Rick Rude is not only on the Mount Rushmore of talking trash but has a lifetime achievement award named after himself. The Heat and Spurs should take a page from the Ravishing one and go for the jugular. This is the Finals. There’s no room for puppy dogs and ice cream.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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