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Rep The Squad is changing the way the jersey game is played by allowing sports fans to rent jerseys from their favorite teams.

When I first heard about the concept I was uncertain about it. As someone who is very particular about the jerseys he rocks why would I want to rent one for $19.95 when I could just buy one instead?

To help sort this out myself, Gibson Smith, and Hoopstergram’s Tom Phillips aka The Hoopster Nation crew jump on the Bacon Sports podcast to give our candid thoughts on the concept of renting jerseys, breaking down how Rep The Squad’s jersey subscription works, how jerseys lovers should think about NBA jerseys vs NFL jerseys, why giving the gift of jerseys is a fabulous idea, plus why this idea make so much sense for jersey loving parents who want to get their kids into jerseys.


For those that would prefer some written thoughts that go above and beyond what we dish about on the podcast I’ve got you covered.

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of Rep The Squad’s jersey subscription service I want to address the thing that I find most important.

Does this company get jersey culture and can I see them being a valuable part of the jersey loving community?

In order to judge this I looked at the stable of jerseys they had in their locker. Being the hoopster that I am I naturally went to the NBA first.

Since Rep The Squad just launched in August they are only in a few select markets (Seattle, Denver, Detroit, the Bay Area/LA.) Despite this I found the selection of NBA jerseys to my liking. It was a nice mix of current players and throwbacks, which appeals to both a younger generation as well as those of us who love nostalgia.


The first jersey that I saw was a Kevin Durant Sonics. Immediately I liked where this was going as on a previous podcast we dished about our Top 5 Seattle SuperSonics jerseys ever and KD was on the list.

What makes that jersey special is Durant was only in Seattle for one season before the team unfortunately got moved to Oklahoma City. That season he averaged 20 ppg and won Rookie of the Year. The casual fan might not remember that Durant played in Seattle, and even fewer fans will be rocking that jersey since he became much more popular in Oklahoma City and Golden State. It is a nice mix high performance with an element of obscurity.

After that I immediately went to see what other SuperSonics jerseys they had available. Too much of my delight I spotted a Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton jersey. Well done Rep The Squad.

Upon further browsing here are some other quick thoughts about NBA jerseys I saw and loved.


My favorite jersey of all time is the old school Denver Nuggets with the rainbow colors and the white mountains. It has been on my jersey bucket list forever. Both Dikembe Mutombo and Alex English are available options.

warriors jerseys renting

For the basketball lover the Golden State Warriors are the gift that keeps on giving. Not only were the usual suspects of Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson available, but so were throwback jerseys for Tim Hardaway and Chris Mullin. Major bonus points for this. The only thing I ask for is that they get a Mitch Richmond jersey in there ASAP so we can complete Run TMC (which would make a great group jersey #squadgoals.)

lakers jerseys

Their Lakers jerseys were on point as they nailed the throwbacks with Magic, Worthy, and Wilt, Shaq and Kobe were in the house, as were the new crop with Lonzo and Brandon Ingram.

Now that they have passed my credibility test lets get to how their jersey subscription service works.

It’s actually pretty simple, it’s like Netflix except for jerseys.

Here’s how it works.


For $19.95 a month for adults or $16.95 a month for kids you can choose from Rep The Squad’s collection of jerseys, both current and throwback players, home and away. They’ll ship the jersey to you, you can rock it for as long as you’d like, and then return it when you are ready. All the shipping costs are taken care of and there are no cleaning fees. You can then swap it out for another fresh and clean jersey which will arrive in 2-3 days. Best of all you can also cancel anytime.

Easy peasy.

So here is the big hurdle that I believe most sports fans will have to overcome when deciding if renting jerseys is for them. Why should I rent a jersey when I can buy one instead?

To help make this easy for you here are some reasons why I would prefer to rent a jersey instead of own one.

  • I’m a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan and I currently own two jerseys: a crappy mesh Big Ben and an authentic Nike Troy Polamalu. For the longest time I’ve been wanting not just an Antonio Brown jersey, but also a Le’Veon Bell. Then this year the Steelers drafted JuJu Smith-Schuster and TJ Watt, both of who are balling out this year. That’s four Steelers jerseys that I’d love to have but unfortunately I have none. Why? Because they cost between $99 and $150 each. By renting I get the variety that I long for.
  • Because I would love to rock an old school Alex English Nuggets jersey one weekend and then turn it in and rock a Tim Hardaway Warriors jersey and then turn that in and rock a Shawn Kemp Sonics jersey.
  • If you root for a team that is constantly rebuilding then investing in a jersey of one of the players is a high risk proposition. No better example of this are the recent Cleveland Browns quarterbacks which include Tim Couch, Ty Detmer, Kelly Holcomb, Josh McCown, Jerff Garcia, Trent Dilfer, Charlie Frye, Ken Dorsey, Colt McCoy, and Brandon Weeden. The Browns certainly aren’t alone in this. Draft choices and free agents are busts all the time. How is that Mike Sweetney Bulls, Jarvis Jones Steelers, Lance Stephenson Hornets, Ben Gordon Pistons, Rob Johnson Bills, and Adrian Peterson Saints jersey working out right now?

The way I see it Rep The Squad gives sports fans options to increase their fandom without the downside.

Does this mean that I’ll never own a jersey again? No.

I’m just open to other options like I was open to switching from Blockbuster to Netflix, and going from hailing a cab to calling an Uber.

Choice is a good thing and as a die hard sports fan who also loves jerseys, I love that I have a new way to be stylin & profilin.

So now that I’ve laid out the Rep The Squad’s jersey renting concept what do you think? Are you willing to play just the tip and see how it feels? Hit me up @BaconSports on Twitter and let me know your thoughts.


This podcast and post was sponsored by Rep The Squad. They saw a ton of value in the Bacon Sports community so make sure to show them some love.



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