Ric Flair, Two Bigs, Jayson Tatum, Player/ Commentators |Epic Week Feb 25th – Mar 3 (Ep 274)

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To celebrate Ric Flair’s birthday, special guest Rob Cressy joins Nick Schwietering to ask the tough questions: Is Ric Flair the greatest post WWE wrestler of all-time? Would you trade Jayson Tatum straight up for Anthony Davis? Should you target Aroldis Chapman in fantasy baseball this year? All this and more on another episode of the Epic Week podcast covering Sports Birthdays and Anniversaries from February 25th to March 3rd, including James Worthy, Ben Roethlisberger, Ron Santo, Paul O’Neill, Mark DeRosa, Marshall Faulk, Tony Gonzalez, Chris Webber, Reggie Bush, Tyreek Hill, J.T. Snow, Tayshaun Prince, Malcolm Butler, Herschel Walker, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and more!

Show Notes:

0:00-1:32 Intro: Welcome to Epic Week by Bacon Sports.  I’m Bacon Sports own soccer communist Nick Schwietering and I am joined this week by an Epic guest filling in for Tom, it’s Bacon Sports Founder Rob Cressy! Epic Week looks at the sports Birthdays and Anniversaries for a week in sports.  This week, we are talking about February 25th through March 3rd.

1:33-20:05 Main Event: To celebrate Ric Flair‘s birthday, Rob and Nick dish on if he is the greatest post WWE wrestler of all-time. Big Game James Worthy vs. Big Ben Roethlisberger. Would you trade Jayson Tatum for Anthony Davis? Happy Birthday to a group of players who made their way into commentating: Ron Santo, Paul O’Neill, Mark DeRosa, Marshall Faulk, Tony Gonzalez, Rich Rodriguez, Chris Webber, Reggie Bush.

20:06-24:45 Also Receiving Votes: How many saves will Aroldis Chapman register this year? Will the Chiefs and Tyreek Hill win a Super Bowl?

24:46-29:34 Roll Call: J.T. Snow, Bingo Smith, Matt Stairs, Denard Span, Tayshaun Prince, Terrence Long, Chucky Brown, Bud Norris, Malcolm Butler, Herschel Walker, Yeremiah Bell.

29:35-31:25 Why Should I Care? Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scored probably the most important goal in Manchester United history and has more recently been named their caretaker manager! The Manchester United fans seem to be happy that “Ole’s At The Wheel.” 

31:26-32:49 Outro: That’s all for the show today.  Please check out Bacon Sports on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at Bacon Sports.  Be sure to subscribe to this podcast and rate us (preferably a Ron Gant number of stars 5, btw Happy Birthday Ron!).  Follow me on Twitter @SweetsCincy and Rob @Rob_Cressy. It is also Ja Rule’s birthday this week so we are sending you out to Can I Get A! Make it an Epic Week!  

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