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fresh-n-stunna-kate-upton-crystal-pepsiI’ve had some suggestions recently to try and create content that is shorter in nature so that it’s more easily digestible. Something that you could consume while taking a dump or standing on the Red Line. I just got done watching the mind blowing season finale of Sons of Anarchy and figured I’d give something new a try. Here’s a podcast that is only 8 minutes long where I dish about someone  talking smack on Calvin Johnson, betting against the Redskins, Mr Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher, and a long shot ticket on Auburn. There’s no cohost, just yours truly who sounds like he smokes a pack a day but doesn’t actually smoke spouting off in a semi thoughtful sports junkie way.

Let me know what you think by tweeting us @BaconSports or shoot an email to boom@baconsports.com. Do you like the shorter length? The content will obviously be a work in progress but if you are reading this page then you’ve likely already accepted the random sports absurdity that we bring to the table.

By the way, I don’t even know the name of what this is going to be yet so I’ll just put up a defacto Fresh n Stunna Podcast picture that we rarely use. I didn’t think that we’d get many complaints about the Crystal Pepsi. Kate Upton is OK too.

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Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

Sports loving free throw specialist and yinzer living in Chicago who is awesome most of the time, has run with the bulls in Spain, and is a graduate of Second City's Improv program.