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Ruben Droughns Giants Jersey

We’ve seen some good NFL jerseys on here so far this year but I believe that this is the best of the crop so far. This Ruben Droughns New York Giants jersey embodies everything that I look for in a jersey. He was good enough at one point for people to know who he is but not good enough where he’s a household name, he followed up his success with extreme mediocrity, and it is a jersey from a team that he is not known playing for.

When you think of Ruben Droughns the first team that comes to mind is the Denver Broncos. He got his shot when Mike Shanahan could taken any Tom, Dick, or Harry off the street and turn them into a 1000 yard rusher (see also Mike Anderson). Droughns had one good year with the Broncos (1240 yards rushing, 6 TD’s) and then went to the Cleveland Browns. Amazingly he did well his first year in Cleveland as he ran for over 1200 yards. He was the first Browns running back since Kevin Mack and Earnest Byner in 1985 to rush for 1,000 yards. Naturally he couldn’t keep up that production in Cleveland (crazy how that theme occurs often) and after one average year in 2006 he was traded to the New York Giants for WR Tim Carter. In case you were wondering how that trade paned out wonder no more:

Tim Carter on the Browns: 0 starts, played in 16 games, 8 receptions, 117 yards, 1 TD. He was gone after one season.
Ruben Droughns on the Giants: 1 start, played in 28 games over 2 seasons, 85 rushing attempts, 275 yards, 6 TD’s (all came in the first year with the Giants, he had no rushing attempts in year two).

Talk about trading crap for crap….and that’s why this Ruben Droughns New York Giants jersey is awesome.

Shout out to Scott from for this great find.


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