Ruben Patterson Los Angeles Clippers Jersey

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If your thing is rocking jerseys of players who committed crimes and only played 20 games for a team then this game worn Ruben Patterson Los Angeles Clippers jersey is your Holy Grail.

Ruben Patterson Clippers Jersey

If we are playing the synonym/antonym game then Ruben Patterson is like Pacman Jones and Ruben Patterson is the opposite of Tim Tebow. Patterson’s rap sheet is long and distinguished…like my Johnson (bonus points if you know the movie and the character that said that). He’s the type of player that you probably didn’t want your young son having his poster on his wall. Despite all this he still managed to make over $38 million for his career. Let that sink in for a second. Patterson’s time with the Clip joint was short lived and relatively unproductive. He averaged a career low in 5.1 ppg and 3.2 boards in only 20 games (5 started). How someone got a hold of and/or wanted a game worn jersey from his time in LA I have no clue.

In case you are a felon and want to impress the other inmates you can purchase this jersey here.

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