Say hello to Alivia, a hot cheerleader from Syracuse

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At Bacon Sports we aren’t like other sports sites. We don’t have pictures of girls in skimpy bikinis prancing around and you are probably never going to rub one off to our content (unless seeing a hoopster in a Darius Miles Clippers jersey is your thing). It’s not that we don’t like seeing Kate Upton wearing less clothing than Adam Dunn’s batting average, we do. It’s just that the market is very saturated with that already so why try and be like everyone else?

Unfortunately that leaves a pretty sizable hole our in content as we know our audience. Dudes like to see pictures of chicks. That’s why we came up with our girls eating bacon photo shoots. We decided that we needed to give you more hot chick content so we are going to try something else out. We are going to stay in the world of sports and give you pictures of hot college cheerleaders. That’s relevant to what we do (sports) and still satisfies your need to see hot chicks without completely selling out.

We partnered with the guys at CollegeCheerHeaven so the pictures that we’ll be bringing you are thanks to them. Since the Final Four is right around the corner we are kicking things off with a “cheerleaders of the Final Four”.

Say hello to Alivia. She is a freshman cheerleader at Syracuse. Alivia most certainly gives us something to cheer about.




God I wish I were back in college.




Don’t forget to check out CollegeCheerHeaven for more pics of hot cheerleaders and come back tomorrow for the next school in the cheerleader Final Four.


Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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