Seahawks Fan Reaction Just Like Hogan At Bash At The Beach

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Super Bowl XLIX will go down as one of the greatest ever. On numerous occasions fans from both the Patriots and Seahawks wanted to puke because of the gut wrenching drama.

Naturally any time emotional peril is involved my mind instantly goes back to Bash at the Beach and Hulk Hogan, aka one of the most unforgettable moments of my life. While last night’s Super Bowl outcome didn’t involve a heel turn, emotionally it played almost exactly to script for Seahawks fans who are now saying to themselves on repeat, “did that really just happen?”

I’ll use two videos to illustrate my point.


Up first we’ve got a roller coaster Seahawks fan reaction video from a watch party where everyone’s ready to get down like Greg Anthony and Warren Sapp at a hooker convention. You can fast forward to the 6:52 mark to see the Jermaine Kearse catch reaction followed by the real heartbreak (and I’m not talking about Shawn Michaels).


Up next we’ve got exhibit B, a moment in television history that no teenage wrestling fan will ever forget. Hulk Hogan, the ultimate face guy, turning his back on all the Hulkamaniacs and becoming a bad guy.

When the Seahawks got the ball late in the 4th quarter they needed a touchdown to win. It’s no easy task but with Dream’s don’t come true, Dreams are made true Russell Wilson, who like Hulk Hogan is the ultimate face guy, anything is possible. As long as all those 12’s out there ate their vitamins then there’s a chance.

Wilson hooks up with Jermaine Kearse on one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history. It’s at this moment when Seahawks fans reacted the same way every wrestling fan watching and in attendence at Bash at the Beach reacted when Hulk Hogan came down the aisle to save the Macho Man from getting his Slim Jim pounded any further by Hall & Nash. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS. IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING!!!?!?! OH MY GOD THIS IS SO AWESOME!

Beast Mode then gets the rock and runs it down to the 1. Hogan gets to the ring and Hall & Nash clear out. Fans are losing their shit at this point as the day has been saved, all is good in the world.

Then it happened.

The Seahawks call the worst play in Super Bowl history and instead of handing it off to the NFL’s rushing touchdowns leader they decide to pass it. The ball gets intercepted. Stunned silence and utter heartbreak. At the same time Hogan runs from the turnbuckle and plants a leg drop right on the Macho Man’s limp body. Hulkamania dies right before our eyes.

The WCW announcers jump in and say what ever Seahawks fan was thinking, “OH MY GOD! WHAT IS HE DOING! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!?!”

Hulk Hogan throws the ref out of the ring, delivers one more leg drop and then pins the Macho Man’s for the win. Just like Tom Brady drawing the Seahawks offsides and then taking a knee for the victory.

Tony Schiavone then channels his inner Seahawks fan and says, “we are not even gonna acknowledge that three count.” No Seahawks fan will be acknowledging the Patriots as Super Bowl Champions.

What happens to us? What happens to WCW?

The same questions that WCW fans all over the world were asking themselves is the same thing Seahawks fans are asking themselves. What happens to us? What happens to the Seattle Seahawks now that they have to pay Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch’s contract is up too? Will the team stay together or will the dark side seep in and turn the team heel?

I for one hope for the latter because…nWo 4-Life!

H/T: Complex Sports

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