Terribly Awesome Basketball Card: Sean Miller

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This Sean Miller basketball card has all the hallmarks of 1990s white guy basketball high fashion. Let’s start from top to bottom with Miller’s non-descript haircut and clean-shaven face, lest anyone think he is a scruffy hooligan. He wears a baggy t-shirt under his jersey, because clearly, he doesn’t want to intimidate anyone by exposing those guns. The jersey itself even has cursive font, which places a timestamp on the era that has way more accuracy than any scientist’s carbon dating method. Then, there are the shorts that aren’t quite 1980s nut-huggers, but are still far too short for comfort. Naturally, this leads to spandex biker undergarments. The ensemble really comes together with the white hi-tops complete with scrunched-down tube socks.

Sean Miller was blessed with no physical attributes to aid him on the court, but built his game upon the rock of fundamentals and a vast knowledge of the game. He was a slow, short, and unathletic, with a vertical leap of about six inches, but his basketball IQ allowed him to compete at a high level as the starting point guard at Pitt for all four of his college years. As a Pittsburgh youth with similar traits, I always respected Miller as role model upon which to model my own hoops game.

Sean Miller is a coach’s son that seems ordained to be a basketball coach. Sean and his brother Archie honed their skills at Blackhawk High School in western Pennsylvania under his father John Miller’s tutelage. Their coaching career started as soon as his college careers ended, leaving no one surprised to see these brothers in head coaching roles with teams in the NCAA tournament, Archie with the #11 seed Dayton Flyers and Sean with the #2 seed Arizona Wildcats. To bring it full circle, Sean is coaching T.J. McConnell, a point guard with similar physical and mental attributes and a son of a western Pennsylvania high school basketball coach.

The last time I was deep into the NCAA tournament with any shot at winning a March Madness pool was in 1997 when Lute Olson’s Arizona Wildcats defeated my selection of Kentucky. As I write this my March Madness bracket has Sean Miller’s Arizona Wildcats winning the National Championship, hoping to be on the right side of that matchup this time. Gamblers, take heed. Given my track record, you will typically want to take the opponent of any teams I pick.

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Jim Gruseck

Jim Gruseck

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