Shaq and Sir Charles tumultuous history

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charles-barkley-and-shaq-meatballsAfter seeing Charles Barkley attempt to tackle Shaq on Inside the NBA last week, I was reminded of their fight back in 1999. It’s crazy to think that these once foes are now Emmy award winning friends. Let’s look back at the history of Sir Charles and the Big Shaqtus.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was 6 years old, Charles Barkley was on his victory lap in the NBA and Shaq and Kobe were still civil. Shaq takes umbrage with Charles cameo in Space Jam and lets his fists do the talking. Notice how Charles was able to do a life saving dodge of Shaq’s fist headed towards his face.

It’s amazing what 14 years can do to the human body. Charles Barkley went from being the round mound of rebound to just the round mound. Recently on TNT’s Inside the NBA, Sir Charles tried to tackle Shaq. Shaq immediately countered the move with a side swipe of Charles into the couch. Charles Barkley is 50 years to Shaq’s mere 41 years old. How very Nature Boy Ric Flair of them.

Although Charles has recently gained broadcasting praise, he seems to be losing athletic talent every year. If this pathetic attempt at a tackle is not evidence, maybe his golf swing will be convincing. I love Charles but this is bad.


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