Signs from College Gameday: Oklahoma/Texas

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“You Call it a Mascot, We Call it Hamburger”. That’s almost as funny as Texas defense was today.

A new trend is growing where people create signs based on the contributors from the Dan Patrick Show. They do this because DP had a falling out with ESPN and his fans are trying to stick it to “The Mothership”.  In previously weeks signs have included a cut out of Dan Patrick’s face and last week there was one of Pauly’s mug. This week someone took it to a new level and made one for Chris in Syracuse. In case you aren’t familiar, Chris in Syracuse is a superfan that calls in to the show every single day and has done so for years. Essentially his life revolves around the 12 seconds that he is on the air. Despite the fact that I don’t find his calls particularly entertaining and he’s a bit skalkerish, it is impressive that he was able to carve out a unique niche. He somehow got his name on a sign on College Gameday so I’ve got to give him props for that (even if everyone is laughing at him, not with him).

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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