Spice Adams Tweets the Darndest Things

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It’s cutting time at NFL training camps across the country. And the general rule that “big boys don’t cry” (really big boys in this case) no longer applies when grown ass alphas males go from being a part of an NFL team to being unemployed in just 4 weeks. While we still wait for the actual season to kick off next week, in the absence of real game drama, individual team drama is amazing to watch. Thus every media outlet that covers football, from local papers to HBO’s Hard Knocks, has decided to place cameras, mics, and reporters in the rooms where players get cut. Its serious business and the public can’t get enough of it…e.g. (“Chad Johnson gets released” episode of Hard Knocks gets the highest episode rating ever for that show). As intriguing as it can be, it is also very sad. Somehow watching a bunch of guys who were absolute MONSTERS at their game, from pee-wee through college, be reduced to mere spectators is depressing.

Luckily, thanks to former 49ers and Bears DT, Anthony Adams and this installment of “Athletes Tweet the Darndest Things” someone is providing a little comic relief for the awkward moments when NFL players are reduced to tears in a GM’s office.  Double A, or Spice Adams, as he likes to refer to himself is making his best attempt to go viral with his hilarious string of tweets under the hash tag, #thingsreleasedplayerssay. In case you are not following @spiceadams already…here’s what you’ve been missing.

“I’ve got teams calling left and right, just trying to find the best fit”
“I don’t know how the team going 2 react when they hear this! This won’t go over well in the locker room feel me?”
“They said it was a numbers thing!”
“I didn’t like the direction the team was going, so I told them to release me!”
“I didn’t get released, I got waived!”

Plenty of other former pros who follow Spice are retweeting and replying to this chain, adding their own take on the player who gets cut, but has a self-serving reason for the teams’ decision.

Former Bears Safety, Tony Parrish hits Spice with this reply:
“Man if my cornerback didn’t give up those 2 TD’s in the last pre-season game I’d be starting”. Even though the whole “shit (insert vague group descriptor here) says” is a tired meme that has been played out since early this summer, applying it to NFL training camp automatically makes it relevant again because it’s late August and the NFL is ALL THAT I CARE ABOUT.

I know at this point it’s beginning to sound like I work for the follow spiceadams campaign, but to be honest, not a lot of former pros are active like Spice on twitter. He basically takes every chance he can to make fun of his brethren in his former profession. Don’t get me wrong, he’s no Javale McGee ….but the former Nittany Lion and 2nd round pick is a funny cat who’s good for a laugh in 40 characters about the NFL….He even does Youtube!

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