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One of my goals with Bacon Sports is to create the web version of the Dan Patrick Show. There’s a number of different ways to get there, but if you work backwards the number one thing that I absolutely must have is a show. It’s why I’ve been creating the Bacon Shorts by Bacon Sports videos every week. I’ve gotta get better at writing, shooting, and growing the audience of the show and build from there.

One thing that most successful sports shows have in common is at least some element of interviewing a knowledgable and/or fun guest. It’s one of the reasons why I created the How To Make It In Sports Media series. On top of offering insight and inspiration to those who dream of working in sports while also talking to someone cool who’s work I dig, it gives me an opportunity to work on my interviewing game. I’m self taught in many of the things I create and I subscribe to the theory of learning by doing. Boom! Kill a few birds with one stone, elevate and engage others while learning and having fun at the same time.

So there’s a few more opportunities floating around my head that I’m gonna put out there for whoever wants to go down this path of creating the next Dan Patrick Show with me.

I consume and create sports content all day every day. It’s what I love. I previously detailed my “Day in the Life of a Sports Junkie” (this was 2.5 years ago). Some things have changed since then but for the most part the routine is the same. Only difference is the addition of other sports influences that are helping mold the content I create on Bacon Sports and teach me valuable lessons that’ll help me become the awesomest sports creator ever.

Here’s the sports podcasts and personalities that I’m learning from and getting down with daily (in no order unless stated):

Bill Simmons – I’m a long time fan. He’s one of my biggest inspirations for obvious reasons: his column, Grantland, his books, his podcast, what he’s build and the way he’s done it. He’s currently at the top of my rotation and I’m checking for his podcast daily. I have noticed a little more edge on his show now, most notably talking about balls and dude junk. He’s a constant reminder that building a multi-channel sports content platform that also involves your friends is possible.

Jalen & Jacoby – Bill Simmons may be the Podfather, as Jalen & Jacoby like to say, but no one gives the people what they want like Jalen & Jacoby. They mix fresh sports takes with hip hop references while making you feel like they are part of their crew. The fun and flow they have shines through and is a great example of a show that captivates and cultivates an audience like I aspire to.

David Jacoby is an ace and he gets the sports content creation game. Screw Mike, I wanna be more like Jacoby. Jalen Rose is always telling great stories while dropping knowledge and makes me wanna go find a former pro athlete with swag and create my own version of their show.

Garbage Time with Katie Nolan – I didn’t know about Katie Nolan until after she moved on from her web videos at Guyism, and really I don’t remember when I first started to take notice of her. Maybe it was when Fox Sports was pushing that show staring Regis that she was part of. Regardless, she’s crushing the sports comedy game right now with her show Garbage Time (which airs at Midnight eastern on Fox Sports 1).

Since I’ve spend the last four years studying improv and comedy writing at Second City (you can read my 21 Comedy Writing Tips) I take pleasure in seeing someone who’s hustled and made their way because of their comedy chops. With so much copy-paste regurgitate content out there it’s a breath of fresh air to see someone doing it like Katie Nolan is.

I’ve been watching her show to better understand the formula they use to create a show. For example: how many segments do they have during their 21 minute show, how long is each segment, what is the format she uses within those segments, what are the beats of her jokes (often quick setup, joke, rinse, repeat), etc. No doubt creating a sports comedy show like Garbage Time would be a good path to creating the next Dan Patrick show. As long as I keep learning from Katie then I’ll be on the right track.

The Dave Dameshek Football Program – Dave Dameshek runs in the same crew as Bill Simmons, Jimmy Kimmel, and Adam Carolla. As someone who likes the work of all of those guys combined with the fact that Dave is a Steelers fan from Pittsburgh it was a no brainer for me to get my football knowledge from his show.

With Dameshek being a yinzer he exudes many of the same qualities I do. Being a Steelers fan he has an appreciation for greatness while still being impartial. In Pittsburgh they only raise you one way and that’s as a super knowledgable sports fan. He combines this with random rankings and tangents about food along with bringing on insightful and interesting guests. Huge shout out to Ike Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew, my favorite NFL duo. They are swagging in everything they do.

Because DDFP has multiple people on the show at once I try and observe their pacing and how they all interacting together. Dave has to be the ringleader while also giving his point of view. Helping other shine is something they teach you the first day at Second City and Dave does a great job of that.

Chad Millman Behind the Bets (aka The Scooch Pod) – The best sports betting podcast in all the land and it comes from the Editor-in-Chief of ESPN the Magazine and ESPN.com Chad Millman. Based on his title I’m guessing Millman is a pretty important guy over there. That’s one thing that makes his podcast so fantastic to me. It’s contrarian to what you’d think someone of his stature would be doing.

Naturally Millman brings a level of professionalism and excellence to the podcast on top of his dry wit and sarcasm (which I find entertaining and not mean – inside joke if you listen to the pod). I often take a few things I like from each sports personality and try and weave it into what I’m doing (as I continue to get better at it). Picking out the good things from Chad Millman will only make everything I do better.

“Sources Say” with Juliet Litman & Chris Ryan – These two NBA junkies were previously at Grantland doing a podcast called NBA After Dark (along with Andrew Sharp). Now they are with Bill Simmons at BSSN and continue to bring the juicy NBA gossip with randomness and fanboy passion alongside very knowledgable basketball flavor.

I’m currently shooting a live, daily, daily fantasy football show called “Show Me The Money” with my co-host Rachel Brady (who you should be familiar with) for DraftPros, a daily fantasy sports company. I’m always looking to see what I can do to improve the style, flow, and overall positive energy of our show. Juliet has a special warmth and quirkiness to her and often she and Chris are laughing during the show. I love their infectious enthusiasm and they are a testament to a show that has great feel to it with tons of fun.

The Lowe Post by Zach Lowe – When I want to NBA dork I listen to Zach Lowe (I say that in the most positive way). Listening to this podcast is like injecting deep NBA insight and analysis into my veins. I find it refreshing to hear Zach dish with Jeff Van Gundy (one of my favorites who is always a must listen to when he comes on) about weak side help defense or how Draymond Green might be one of the five most valuable players in the NBA.

Zach is a great example of someone who has taken his passion and love of basketball and turned it into a career. On top of being a great inspiration I love his level of knowledge. He makes me want to be more expert in things.

The Herd with Colin Cowherd – I followed Colin over to FS1 because I like that his show is football heavy and he has a gambling tilt. Because Colin is primarily a one man show (shout out to Kristine Leahy his news girl) there are different things I can learn from him. It’s not easy to talk into a camera for five straight minutes as fluid and confident as Colin does. He knows who he is and the formula that makes his show work.

I try and absorb the characteristics that make Colin great. He’s strong with his takes and has a way of storytelling with his guests. Since I often shoot videos by myself I watch his show and use it as a daily learning session on how to run a one man show.

Last but certainly not least is the Dan Patrick Show, the show I aspire to create a version of. From the man cave to the interviews to the Danette’s to the way Dan crushes the world of sports. I love everything about the show.

Dan took a major risk leaving ESPN to go out on his own. I love when he tells stories about the early days when he didn’t think he’d have enough money to pay the Danette’s. That’s an entrepreneuarial journey that does not go overlooked with me. We see Dan’s awesomeness on camera but underneath is hustle and a level of excellence that is unmatched. I look up to risk takers, leaders, and people who aspire for greatness. I look forward to meeting Dan Patrick one day, hopefully having a beer with him, and giving him a high five. He’ll certainly be one of my biggest influences in what I do.

The length of this post certainly isn’t the norm for me but sometimes you’ve just gotta lay down a monster.

If you are interested in being part of the awesome journey that I’m on to create the next Dan Patrick Show then hit me up at boom@baconsports.com.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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