Sports Trivia: NFL Playoffs edition

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marshawn lynch

marshawn lynch

The NFL playoffs are in full swing so we are going to treat you to a playoff edition of hard sports trivia. Like last week the questions are very challenging and when you are done you’ll have some serious ammo to be able to bring to the bar and impress/annoy your friends. If you dig sports trivia then check out the link at the bottom that links to some past editions that we’ve done. Not all of them are as hard as this but I guarantee you that they are unlike anything else you’ve seen.

Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos

Baltimore Ravens:

1. What year did the Ravens play their first game after leaving Cleveland?

2. What was the inspiration behind naming the team the “Ravens”?

3. In the Ravens short history, there have been three players that have played for them and since been elected into the hall of fame, name them.

4. Where did Torrey Smith go to college?

5. Who was the quarterback when the Ravens last won the Super Bowl?

Denver Broncos:

1. How many Super Bowls have the Broncos played in and what’s their record in those games?

2. Who was the Broncos quarterback in their only non-John Elway Super Bowl?

3. What two franchises drafted John Elway (different sports)?

4. Where did Knowshon Moreno go to college?

5. Who is the Broncos all-time carer leader in receiving yards?

Houston Texans at New England Patriots

Houston Texans:

1. Who are the three teams that the Texans have never beaten?

2. How many times did the Texans lose to the Indianapolis Colts before getting their first victory against them in franchise history?

3. Name the two coaches in Texans history.

4. Where did JJ Watt go to college?

5. In which round of the NFL Draft was Arian Foster selected?

New England Patriots:

1. What city and stadium do the New England Patriots play their home games in?

2. What two notable coaches held the reigns before Bill Belichick took over?

3. Who were the Super Bowl MVPs of their three titles?

4. Who is Tom Brady’s current backup?

5. Who was Tom Brady’s backup last season?

Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers

Green Bay Packers:

1. How many league championships have the Packers won, dating back to 1921?

2. What coach has the most wins in Green Bay history?

3. Who was the last player retired by the Packers?

4. Former Packers running back Ahman Green went to which school?

5. Who was the Packers starting quarterback before Brett Favre took over?

San Francisco 49ers:

1. Who are the two coaches to win Super Bowls for the 49ers?

2. What college did Jerry Rice get drafted out of?

3. What is the all-time record between the Packers and 49ers in the playoffs?

4. Where did Patrick Willis go to college?

5. Where did Colin Kaepernick go to college?

Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons

Seattle Seahawks:

1. Who wore the retired #12 for the Seahawks?

2. Who was the first Seahawks player to be selected to the Hall of Fame (Excluding Franco Harris, who only played one year with the club.)?

3. What first round pick by Seattle is the brother of the former Oakland A’s and St. Louis Cardinals steroid filled 1st baseman?

4. Where did Matt Flynn go to college?

5. What is Marshawn Lynch’s favorite candy?

Atlanta Falcons:

1. How many years did the Atlanta Falcons go without consecutive winning seasons?

2. What is Matt Ryan’s playoff record?

3. Who holds the franchise record for most passing attempts, completions, yards, touchdowns and interceptions?

4. Where did Roddy White go to college?

5. Which position did two-sport athlete Brian Jordan play for the Falcons?

What school did I start at and what school(s) did I eventually transfer to?

1. Raja Bell

2. Jeremy Shockey

3. Steve “Franchise” Francis

4. Larry “Gramama” Johnson

5. Seth Curry

6. Jackie Robinson

7. Joe Flacco

8. Randy Moss

9. Jeff George

10. Troy Aikman

Before I give you the answers here’s a video of Chris Berman and Tom Jackson giving the highlights of Frank Reich’s unbelievable comeback for the Bills in the 1992 playoffs over the Oilers. This is simply amazing.

Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos

Baltimore Ravens:

1. 1996

2. Edgar Allen Poe was living in Baltimore when he died in 1849 and he wrote the famous poem titled “The Raven”

3. Rod Woodson, Shannon Sharpe and Deion Sanders (Kyle Boller has yet to be inducted)

4. Torrey Smith was a Maryland Terrapin

5. Current ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer

Denver Broncos:

1. Six, two wins and four losses

2. Craig Morton

3. Baltimore Colts and New York Yankees

4. Knowshon Moreno was a Georgia Bulldog

5. Rod Smith with 11,389 yards

Houston Texans at New England Patriots

Houston Texans:

1. Minnesota Vikings (0-3), Philadelphia Eagles (0-3) and San Diego Chargers (0-4) (I’ll also note, they never beat the Houston Oilers)

2. Nine times

3. Dom Capers and Gary Kubiak

4. Arian Foster was undrafted

5. JJ Watt was a Wisconsin Badger

New England Patriots:

1. Foxborough, Gillette Stadium

2. Bill Parcells and Pete Carroll

3. XXXVI and XXXVIII– Tom Brady, XXXIX – Deion Branch

4. Ryan Mallett

5. Brian Hoyer

Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers

Green Bay Packers:

1. A record 13, including four Super Bowls

2. Curly Lambeau with 209 wins

3. Reggie White in 2005

4. Ahman Green was a Nebraska Cornhusker

5. “The Magic Man” Don Majkowski

San Francisco 49ers:

1. Bill Walsh and George Seifert

2. Mississippi Valley State

3. 4-1 in favor of the Packers (The Niners only win was when Terrell Owens got crushed on the goal line, scored the game winning touchdown and then started crying)

4. Patrick Willis was an Ole Miss Rebel

5. Colin Kaepernick was a Nevada Wolfpack

Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons

Seattle Seahawks:

1. Fake out! It wasn’t a player, it was the 12th Man, in honor of their fans

2. Steve Largent

3. Dan McGwire, brother of Mark McGwire

4. Matt Flynn was an LSU Tiger

5. Skittles

Atlanta Falcons:

1. 42 long years

2. 0-3

3. Nope, not Michael Vick, Chris Chandler or Matt Ryan, it is Steve Bartkowski

4. Roddy White was a UAB Dragon

5. Brian Jordan was a defensive back.

What school(s) did I originally go to and what school did I end my college career at?

1. Raja Bell – Boston University -> Florida Atlantic

2. Jeremy Shockey – Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College -> University of Miami

3. Steve “Franchise” Francis – San Jacinto College of Texas -> Allegany College of Maryland -> University of Maryland (If you knew this, you are officially a sports god.)

4. Larry “Gramama” Johnson – Odessa College -> UNLV

5. Seth Curry – Liberty -> Duke

6. Jackie Robinson – Pasadena Junior College -> UCLA

7. Joe Flacco – Pittsburgh -> Delaware

8. Randy Moss – Norte Dame -> Florida State -> Marshall

9. Jeff George – Purdue -> Miami -> Illinois

10. Troy Aikman – Oklahoma -> UCLA


If you scored a perfect 50, consider this your ‘David Tyree’ moment because it will never happen again. For the rest of us…

40-49 = Joe Montana – You dominate when it matters and rarely make a mistake

30-39 = Terry Bradshaw – Your resume looks great with four Super Bowls but in reality, you aren’t that great

20-29 = Peyton Manning – People want to consider you the greatest but you hardly ever win the big one

11-19 = Trent Dilfer – You won but no one is carrying you off the field

0-10 = Jim Kelly – You lose every time.

-This edition of trivia was created by Zach Jones.


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