Sports Trivia: NFL Trade Edition

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sports-trivia-nfl-tradesWith the craziness of the recent Trent Richardson trade to the Colts, lets do some NFL trade trivia. Each answer will consist of a player that has been traded in the last 25 years. Answers will be the team that traded the player. Get ready to laugh. Makes me think anyone can be an NFL GM at some point in their lives. See Jerry Jones.

Part 1

What team traded him? (each question is worth two points)

  1. Wes Welker traded to New England Patriots.
  2. Deion Branch traded to Seattle.
  3. Drew Bledsoe traded to Buffalo Bills.
  4. Marshall Faulk traded to St. Louis.
  5. No.2 pick in 1998 traded to San Diego Chargers.
  6. Roy Williams traded to Dallas.
  7. Coach Bill Belichick traded to New England Patriots.
  8. Santonio Holmes traded to the New York Jets.
  9. Steve Young traded to the San Francisco 49ers.
  10. Jerome Bettis traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Part 2

For the five remaining questions, which player was drafted? (each question is worth 1 point)

  1. The New Orleans Saints gave up 8 picks for this Texas RB.
  2. The Indianapolis Colts gave up 4 players for this Fighting Illini QB.
  3. Drafted by Seattle, the Cowboys gave up 4 picks to grab this Pitt RB.
  4. Pulled a draft day hissy fit and claimed he would not play for the San Diego Chargers, forcing the New York Giants to trade away 3 picks to get him.
  5. The Arizona Cardinals traded this great blocking wide receiver to the Baltimore Ravens for three picks.

Don’t you dare check out the awesome answers without seeing this Wes Welker highlight reel. Makes you wonder how good Belichick’s eye for talent is. As awesome as a Patrick Kane stick handling video while sporting a mullet.


Part 1

  1. Traded from the Dolphins for second and seventh round picks.
  2. Traded from New England for a first round pick.
  3. Traded from New England for a first round pick.
  4. Traded from Indianapolis for second and fifth round picks.
  5. Traded from the Arizona Cardinals for 2 first round pick, 1 second round pick and Eric Metcalf. The pick was Ryan Leaf.
  6. Traded from the Detroit Lions for first, third, sixth and seventh round picks.
  7. Traded from the New York Jets for a first round pick.
  8. Traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers for a fifth round pick.
  9. Traded from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for second and fourth round picks.
  10. Traded from the Los Angeles Rams for second and fourth round picks.

Part 2

  1. Ricky Williams
  2. Jeff George
  3. Tony Dorsett
  4. Eli Manning
  5. Anquan Boldin


21-25 points– Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

20-15 points– Close but no cigar.

14-9 points– Please come back every week. We’ll help you step your sports trivia game up.

8 or less points- You must be really good at chess.

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