Steelers and Bills Fans Rocking Random Jerseys

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Last Saturday I was at the Bills vs Steelers game in Buffalo and was treated to a very nice jorgy (jersey orgy). Steelers fans travel very well, even if it is a preseason game, and there were y’inzers everywhere doing and wearing y’inzer things. Conversely Bills fans also came out in droves and did not disappoint with the expired and mediocre jerseys that they were rocking. Here’s the gems that I saw:

Rob Johnson Bills jersey

Nothing says the NFL is back like seeing a Rob Johnson Bills jersey. Who wouldn’t want to rock the jersey of a guy that is the face of one hit wonder QB’s?

Jarius Byrd Bills jersey

Why not wear a Jarius Byrd jersey while also rocking some old school Zubaz. This guy is in Week 8 form.

customized buffalo bills jersey

Billieve….oh…I get it. You Bill-ieve in the Bills. So cleaver.

gross yinzer wearing troy polamalu jersey

Yinzer Nation apparently is in Week 8 form as well. I’m sure Polamalu would be proud to see that this is what his fans wear.

Kordell Stewart Steelers jersey

Kordell Stewart Steelers jersey. Gross.

Eric Pegram and Tommy Maddux Steelers jerseys

This might be the best (or worst) picture of two jerseys in the history of this site. First, I’ve never seen an Eric Pegram Steelers jersey in public none the less walking with someone that is also wearing a Tommy Maddox jersey. Impressive yinzers….impressive.

Drew Bledsoe Bills jersey

In order to try and get more fans in the stadium the Bills made this game “Kids night”. Because of this there were a bunch of kids running around in various jerseys including this Drew Bledsoe Bills jersey. Bledsoe is most definitely the best QB that the Bills have had in the last 10 years.

Terrell Owens Bills jersey

Camo cargo shorts + high white socks + McDonald’s bag on the ground + Bills Away Terrell Owens jersey = This guys life is going places.

Doug Flutie Bills Jersey

I saw as many Rob Johnson jerseys (1) as Doug Flutie jerseys (1). Flutie just can’t win with the Buffalo fans.

JP Losman Bills jersey

This JP Losman Bills jersey is significantly grossier than the Kordell Stewart Steelers jersey. I’d probably rank this this most disgusting jersey that I saw. There was nothing good about JP Losman’s time in Buffalo.

Trent Edwards Bills jersey

What does it say about you as a parent when you dress your son up in a Trent Edwards jersey? The only jersey that he could have selected that would have been worse would have been JP Losman. In case you are wondering, here’s the win/loss record of Trent Edwards, Rob Johnson, and JP Losman when they were the QB of the Bills.

Trent Edwards: 14-18
Rob Johnson: 9-17
JP Losman: 10-23

Brian Moorman Bills jersey

What the ??? Is that really a Brian Moorman jersey (that’s the punter of the Bills for all you who aren’t complete degenerates). Sure he’s been to two Pro Bowls but come on. He’s no Shane Lechler.


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