Step yo game up with this Dominique Wilkins Georgia jersey

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Dominique Wilkins Georgia Jersey

Want to really impress a bunch of dudes at a bar (don’t act like you don’t already try to by talking about this killer trade you made in fantasy football this week), in about two weeks show up on a Saturday rocking this Dominique Wilkins Georgia jersey from back in his college days. College jerseys are a whole different animal since schools typically don’t make jerseys with a player name on them so you end up having to buy an expensive well put together custom jersey. Because of this the odds of seeing someone else rocking your jersey in a bar none the less ever in your life (unless you get a Michael Jordan North Carolina jersey) are slim to none.

As if wearing anything Dominique Wilkins related wouldn’t get you enough dap to begin with I’d bet you a shot of Jamo that if you polled ten random college basketball dudes at a sports bar that they couldn’t tell you that Dominique went to Georgia. I’m guessing that number is more like 3 out of 10. Rocking Dominique and dropping some knowledge, that’s ballin! If you are interested in this dime piece then you can buy it here.

Since we are talking about Dominique Wilkins I figured that I’d leave you with a video of him throwing one down on Larry Bird’s head. Enjoy.


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