154: Steph Curry the Alien, Hat Chat, & Bartolo

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steph curry alien

steph curry alien

Is Steph Curry an emotionless alien? Hat aficionado Benjamin Christensen joins Rob Cressy on the first part of a two part Bacon Sports podcast to dish about it.

We also talk about:

  • Are you rooting for the Cleveland Cavaliers?
  • What if the Cavaliers went Fo-Fo-Fo-Fo (sweeping the NBA playoffs.)
  • Are the Cubs the best team in baseball?
  • Who is the other sports equivalent to Jake Arrieta going from a scrub in Baltimore to a historically great pitcher for the Cubs?
  • Bartolo Colon talk: Hair, girth, home runs, and how he’s underrated.
  • Hat Chat: Benjamin cut his flowing locks off and now has a problem with his gigantic hat collection: some of the fitted hats don’t fit. How is he dealing with this plus adding some Fernando Rodney swag to his style.

Check out part 2 of the podcast where we talked about drunk Ozzie Guillen’s White Sox interview, lumberjack riding a shark, and Pete Carroll’s $1000 autographed Nike’s.


  • I want to hear from you. Is Steph Curry an alien? Are you rooting for the Cavaliers? Who do you think is Jake Arrieta’s other sports equivalent? How do you rock your hats? Drop me a line on Twitter @BaconSports or on Snapchat @baconsports and let me know what’s up.
  • You can follow Benjamin Christensen on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat @Shakabrodie
  • You can also check out Benjamin’s first podcast appearance when he talked about his MLB fan cave experience and his insane New Era hat collection.
  • Check out more of The Bacon Sports podcast here.




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Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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