Super Bowl Sports Trivia Quiz

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super-bowl-sports-trivia-quizWith the Super Bowl upon us marking the end of another glorious football season, I give you the obligatory Super Bowl sports trivia quiz. Starting Monday there will only be another 175 days until training camps starts up again, so enjoy.

1. This 2014 Pro Bowl Captain holds the record for most career points in the Super Bowl. Who is he?

2. What team holds the record for most TDs in a Super Bowl game?

3. What NFL Hall of Famer and steakhouse owner has coached in the most Super Bowl games?

4. What NFL Hall of Fame QB has the highest career Super Bowl completion percentage?

5. At 36 years and 341 days, this AFC coach was the youngest ever to win a Super Bowl title?

6. This multiple time Super Bowl champion QB threw the most passing attempts without throwing an INT?

7. Since 1994, there has only been one RB to win the Super Bowl MVP award. Who is he?

8. What QB and current NFL color man hold the record for highest completion percentage in one Super Bowl game?

9. This Oakland Raider QB acted like he played for the Cleveland Browns when he threw a record 5 INTs in a Super Bowl?

10. This QB holds the record for the three highest passing performances in Super Bowl history?

11. What college did these Super Bowl MVPs attend?

  1. Hines Ward
  2. Ray Lewis
  3. Santonio Holmes
  4. Joe Flacco
  5. Troy Aikman

Before I reveal the answers, I just want to know why the Bud Bowl isn’t a thing anymore. As a kid, I always looked forward to this during the Super Bowl.

1. Jerry Rice
2. San Francisco 49ers with 8 in Super Bowl XXIV
3. Don Shula with 6
4. Troy Aikman at 70%
5. Mike Tomlin in 2009
6. Joe Montana 144 attempts w/ 0 INTs
7. Terrell Davis in Super Bowl XXXII
8. Phil Simms was 22-25 in Super Bowl XXI
9. Rich Gannon in Super Bowl XXXVII
10. Kurt Warner – 414 yds. in Super Bowl XXXIV, 377 yds. in Super Bowl XLIII, 365 yds. in Super Bowl XXXVI
11. Hines Ward – Georgia, Ray Lewis – the U, Santonio Holmes – THE Ohio State University, Joe Flacco – Delaware, Troy Aikman – UCLA

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