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Supermarket Sweep Bacon Thief

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bacon-thiefRemember Supermarket Sweep? The highlight of the show was the “Big Sweep” where contestants would ransack the store like it was doomsday. To this day I imagine what I would grab if I was on the show, and recently Marc Confessore did just that.

Unlike Jameis Winston who just swiped crab legs, swine-swindler Marc stole 37 packs of bacon at a Stop & Shop in NY. But Marc did not stop there. He went for the “Bonus Sweep* and snatched an additional four cases of Heineken, Pedigree dog food, a steak, and two bags of potato chips! Sounds like someone was throwing their own Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration!  *Had Marc been a real contestant he would have been disqualified since you could only take up to five of each item.

What was his getaway strategy? Basically the same as Winston’s. He covered the cart with a piece of clothing and tried to casually roll it past a checkout counter. Naturally he was busted and charged with robbery, menacing, petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. Note to self, never try to be a contestant of Supermarket Sweep in real life. However, if any grocery chain would allow us to re-create it for charity please hit us up!

Greg Hunter

Greg Hunter

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