SURGE Re-Release: Return of the Mack

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surge-re-releaseMondays in the fall are reserved for hangovers at work, little production, and plenty of internet surfing. It all changed Monday, September 15, 2014. Coca-Cola dropped the anvil like they were Florida Gulf Coast aka Dunk City in the NCAA tournament. Today they have re-released arguably greatest drink of all time: SURGE!

This is earth shattering news. Think LeBron James coming back to Cleveland announcement, Michael Jordan telling the world he was coming out of retirement, Mark Morrison returning of the Mack. Heck this is Neil Armstrong walk on the moon stuff here. A friend of mine whom had just welcomed a baby girl to the world this weekend said it best, “My new daughter will have only known one day in a world without Surge. #blessed.” Blessed she is indeed Matt.

All sorts of nostalgia came rushing back to me, causing the hair on my arms to stand up and my taste buds to yearn for the sweet citrus and caffeine nectar of the Gods. Normally I would pound multiple cans before a big sports game or play entire seasons of Tecmo Super Bowl in a single night fueled by the goodness of Surge. Since I have yet to truly grow-up, Surge represents my childhood where all was right and responsibilities were what Nintendo game to rent and what Starter Pullover I was going to rock on the playground.

With the Surge re-release, Coca-Cola would be wise to have a spokesperson to represent the brand and have a personality and image that matches its powerful blast. Enter Chris “Birdman” Andersen. His wild hair style and colorful body full of tattoos along with his all natural high-intensity on the court game and emotion embody what Surge is all about. You can even say he lives that lifestyle off the court. Despite being suspended and banned years at a time, it is now clear that Birdman did not have a drug problem, he had a Surge problem.

Surge is a straight performance enhancer. Now you know why the NFL and NFLPA have been delaying the passing of the new drug policy. No way will DeMaurice Smith and Eric Winston let the NFL put this on its banned substance list. Wes Welker will have special water bottles full of the MDK (Mountain Dew Killer) when that mile high altitude has him exhausted. It will be referred to as “getting my Surge on.”

The cost for this greatness is $14 for twelve 16-ounce cans. Amazon sold out within an hour. They sold out faster than the U2 tickets the gang of Saved by the Bell camped out for. Don’t worry, as this was only the first batch. I can assure you I will be spending all of my allowance on Surge and maybe even a birthday check from Grandma as well.

I will always remember where I was Monday, September 15, 2014 when it was announced that Coca-Cola was re-releasing Surge. As Ice Cube said, “it was a good day!”

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