Susannah Collins and other sexual sportscaster gaffes

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susannah-collins-chicagoThere is a new free agent in town and she is commanding quite the attention. Fox, ESPN, MLB and NFL Network – say hello to the newest and hottest available sideline reporter and studio host, Susannah Collins. Most of you obviously know her from my 5 seconds of TV fame in the 2012 Best Under the radar college fans piece for CBS (that’s me walking her to the car). The small minority probably know her from the latest viral media slip up in which she proudly hailed the Chicago Blackhawks ready for the postseason because of their “tremendous amount of sex”. You had me at sex, Susannah.

Comcast Sports Net of Chicago promptly gave her the axe the following day. Really, CSN? Firing your best female talent for something that petty when the entire nation is reeling, and flying flags at half-staff because Chris “Mac Dad” Kelly of Kris Kross left us way too early is just un-American, like hating Major League. Al Michaels gets a DUI, Marv Albert wears women’s panties, and Michael Irvin was arrested for possession of cocaine holding cocaine for a friend so his kid would not find out, but yet they get to keep their jobs. Open your bottle of beer, take a hit off your Parliament, and spend halftime of the NBA/NHL playoffs looking back at some funny, sexual sportscaster gaffes from recent memory.

Brent Musburger drooling over Katherine Webb:

Not that we all did not and still don’t, but Musburger gave less than zero f’s in this past years National Championship game. Any camera shot on Webb, Big Brent kept telling us she was an absolute beauty and that is why we should grow up to be quarterbacks. I always thought it was so you could see your teacher at the strip club. Here’s to your next tongue out, on air verbal bang of a hottie Brent.

Dick Vitale loving Erin Andrews:

I can’t single out one instance but the V in Dickie V might as well refer to the Viagra he pops when he sees Erin Andrews. When Erin Andrews patrolled the sidelines during ESPN Florida Gator hoops games, we always got a flashback video of EA as a UF Dance team member. This prompted Vitale to pop the blue pill and yell “oooh look at Erin, oh what a dazzler baby, oooh she still has it, what a pretty lady”. Love him or hate him he has an eye for the talent. End of day he is way classier than 50 cent.

Michael Reghi-any game he announces:

Former Cleveland Cavalier play-by-play announcer had a penchant for announcing basketball as if he were watching Jenna Jamison play hoops. The best included “Bobby Sura going to come in to give Brevin Knight a Blow”, “Brevin Knight with a reach around” and “Z (Ilgauskas) wants Mason. Going to back him down, turn him around, and stick it in the hole”. Porn or basketball, Reg?

Sex and sports go together like Paul Pierce and missing spots when shaving, so not sure what the big deal is. CSN screwed the pooch by firing her. The one good thing that came of this is we discovered Collins in the unedited and adulterated “Sports Nutz” series. Go ahead and YouTube it, we will see you in about 20 minutes. Looks, that type of content, plus being down to earth and cool as shit, makes her a 10 and THE ONE in my book. This may have gotten Susannah fired from her current gig, but hopefully we will see more of her if the big boys are smart and hire her on a major network or Bacon Sports.

Susannah, if you hear this, we would love to have you at Bacon Sports, or at least hit us up with a guest appearance.


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