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Tad Iguchi White Sox Jersey

Now that football is back sports fans care about baseball as much as they do the off season moves that the Tampa Bay Lightning have made. Despite this we are still going hard in the motha f’n paint. I present to you a Tadahito Iguchi White Sox jersey. Aside from Tad Iguchi and this guy there are no other Tad Iguchi White Sox jerseys in circulation. You have a better chance of seeing Roger Goodell and Jonathan Vilma snuggling on a couch while watching Fever Pitch than you do seeing another Tad Iguchi jersey.

Here’s some Tad Iguchi knowledge for you (which will increase your Tad Iguchi knowledge by about 1000%). He was the first Asian born player to play for the Phillies. He was a member of both the 2005 Chicago White Sox and 2008 Philadelphia Phillies World Series teams. In case you are counting here’s how the championship totals look:

Tad Iguchi: 2 (4 if you include his two from Japan)
Ted Williams: 0
Ken Griffey Jr.: 0
Barry Bonds: 0
Tony Gwynn: 0

There you have it folks, Tad Iguchi. The peoples champion and better than Ted Williams, Ken Griffey Jr, Barry Bonds, and Tony Gwynn.

Shout out to the Don of jerseys….Gibson Smith for this gem. 

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