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Tailgating Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Cheesy Avocado

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bacon-wrapped-cheesy-avocado-2Like we do every Friday, our friends at BaconToday.com have got a bacon tailgating recipe that you can add to your arsenal that’ll have you wondering how you ever lived without it. This week they combine bacon, cheese, and avocado to create an explosion of mouth watery goodness. Say hello to the Bacon Wrapped Cheesy Avocado.

bacon-wrapped-cheesey-avocado-recipeIngredients: (This recipe yields two servings.)

1 Avocado (Preferably a large one.)
5 slices of Muenster Cheese (This is the cheese I used, but you may use any cheese that you would like. Pepper Jack would give it a nice little kick. However, if you choose a softer cheese such as Brie, the baking time will be shorter, and you will want to cook your bacon a little bit before you wrap it.)
2- 4 strips of Bacon (Depending on the cut.)
Olive Oil


1. Preheat your oven to 350°
2. Cut your avocado in half and take out the pit. Peel the avocado. (You will want an avocado that isn’t too mushy. This makes it harder to peel.)
3. Line a baking pan with aluminum foil and grease it with the olive oil.
4. Place your avocado halves on your pan, pit side up.
5. Next step is filling them with cheese. You’ll be placing the cheese into the avocado where the pit was. For even more cheesiness, you can hollow out the avocado a little more.
6. I had sliced Muenster so I broke them into four little squares of each and layered them into the middle of the avocado halves until they were filled. You can use chunks, cubes, anything, because the cheese is just going to end up melted anyway. Fill to your desired level of cheesiness.
7. Time to bacon wrap! Depending upon the width of the bacon, you may need two strips to get each of your avocado halves wrapped. Once you have the avocados wrapped up in their little bacon blanket of goodness, use a toothpick to stick through the middle to make sure they stay wrapped. (Adding extra bacon is not a crime)
8. For added flavor, you may shake some garlic, rosemary, basil, pepper, or any of your favorite seasonings over your Ba-cado. I went with Garlic Salt because I love garlicy, salty things. Yum.
9. Drizzle olive oil over your masterpiece.
10. When your oven is ready to go, bake your Bacon Wrapped Cheesiness for 15- 20 minutes or until your desired crispness of the bacon.
11. Commence eating with no pants because it’s gonna be that good.

We’ve got more awesome bacon tailgating recipes that you can try out. Also, if you are heading out tailgating check out our #takebacktailgating page and send over some pics of you and your crew doing you thing!

Make sure to check out BaconToday.com for an explosion of bacon awesomeness!

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