Take Back Tailgating

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Fire up those grills, ice up the coolers and grab a jersey it’s tailgate season! Well sort of. One thing that grinds my gears is the ridiculous tailgating rules that teams implement that really limit the amount of fun you can have.

Back in the day I remember an almost “anything goes” policy of tailgating. Growing up in the Carolina’s it was all about pig pickin’ and pigskin. There were times where we would post-up the night before with kegs and tailgate for 12-hours straight. Now almost all stadiums limit tailgating to no more than 5 hours or less before game time and some have eliminated it all together.

I wanted to see how ridiculous the rules have gotten since the early 2000’s around this American tradition. Here are just a few that are in place:

Cleveland Browns Municipal Parking Lot

  • No Alcohol- Sweet party guys.
  • No in & out privileges- Didn’t know I was at a festival.
  • No private latrines- Guess I’ll be peeing with the plebs.

San Diego Chargers & Oakland Raiders

  • Both stadiums prevent you from throwing footballs- This guy found out the hard way. Rule also applies to Indianapolis, Seattle and Tennessee!
  • No farting or burping- Momma always said better out than in. Anything that is harmful or otherwise irritating, offensive, repugnant or disgusting to the eyes or sense of smell is prohibited. Violators will be subject to $100 fine.

Philadelphia Eagles & Minnesota Vikings

  • PDA- Displays of affection not appropriate in a public setting will get you kicked out. I don’t know about you but I enjoy a serious make-out session before I go in.

Michigan State

  • No couches or upholstered furniture- What are they supposed to burn when they beat Michigan?
  • No kegs or common source containers- I thought we were in college!
  • No drinking game structures nor paraphernalia- No beer pong or bongs? I’m transferring immediately!

Us fans have to take back tailgating. Many of the rules that have been enforced are due to a few assholes who couldn’t hold their liquor.

Bacon Sports wants to see how you get down and that’s why we are creating #takebacktailgating. If you are getting ready for a game throwing a few back, doing your thing and not ending up on the police blotter then snap a pic, send it to us @BaconSports and use #takebacktailgating. It’s time to celebrate the sports fans that do it right!

Greg Hunter

Greg Hunter

North Carolina native, grilling expert and freestyle rapper.