Is Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson The Greatest Ever?

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tecmo bowl bo jackson

On the fourth episode of Bacon Shorts by Bacon Sports Rob Cressy is joined by Tecmo Bowl expert Tom Hamm. They dish about if Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson is the greatest video game character ever. Is Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson greater than Ken Griffey Jr’s 1989 Rookie Card? Is Tecmo Bo Jackson greater than Michael Jordan’s free throw line dunk?

Because this episode is 45 minutes long I created an audio only/podcast version as well.

This was our first time doing the show via Skype so bear with us as we get the audio & video quality up. We’ll have this bad boy on lock in no time.

To help navigate the show here’s a list of topics we cover and the time it happens:

  • Opening: Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson discussion and Q&A.
  • 16:00 – Rob’s story about witnessing someone get busted for buying an underage person beer in the grocery store (it happened 30 minutes before the show.)
  • 23:30 – After 8 years on the Chicago Cubs season ticket waiting list Rob’s name got pulled for season tickets in 2016. Rob is also a Pirates fan. What to do?
  • 28:40 – Tom is a Browns season tickets holder. What’s he think about Johnny Manziel heading back to the bench?
  • 35:00 – Sports birthday’s from September 23. The list includes a discussion about the greatness that is George Costanza (whose birthday it is) plus Flagging Stephen A Smith for tweeting something stupid.

If you missed any of the episodes of Bacon Shorts by Bacon Shorts you can check them out here.

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