Terribly Awesome Baseball Card of the Day: Felix Millan

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felix-millanFelix Millan, 1976 Topps 

I’ll guarantee you that never has a baseball card so falsely painted a picture of a players skill set based on the picture alone than Felix Millan’s 1976 Topps card. I haven’t seen an athlete that choked up for no reason since Terrell Owens told us Tony Romo was his quarterback.

Felix Millan, aka “The Kitten”, was a 3-time All-Star (1969. 1970, 1971) and won a Gold Glove twice (1969, 1972) for his work at second-base. Legend has it that he was a late bloomer and his High School baseball coach told him to choke up on the bat. Not knowing how far to choke up Felix decided that about 40% of the way up sounded like a good idea. It just so happens that he went 4-4 with a home run that day and the grip stuck (note: parts or all of this story may be made up…though the part about the All-Star appearances is true).

So, be sure to choke halfway up your tallboy and yell “El Gatito!!!” before every sip in honor of Felix Millan’s terribly awesome baseball card.

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