Terribly Awesome Baseball Card: Danny Ainge

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Ainge,Dan_1981FleerDeion Sanders and Bo Jackson are probably the most notable two-sport professional athletes, but not many people know about Danny Ainge’s baseball career. Or should I call him Dan Ainge? I guess he was going by Dan instead of Danny in 1981 in an attempt to be taken more seriously. Ainge played three seasons with the Blue Jays with a batting average firmly over the Mendoza Line at .220. That makes Ainge better at Michael Jordan at exactly two things: baseball and running an NBA team. I feel for the home plate umpire of a Danny Ainge at bat. In the NBA, Ainge never missed in opportunity to complain to the refs about every foul. Imagine him crying about every strike.


The design of the 1981 Fleer set is so generic. It really is no better than the design of this card my parents purchased for me at Sea World when I was seven. As you can see from the back, I’m now going by Jim instead of Jimmy in an attempt to be taken more seriously. It’s not working so far.

Jim Gruseck

Jim Gruseck

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