Terribly Awesome Baseball Card: Jay Baller

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If Jay Baller was not the inspiration behind the character Kenny Powers from HBO’s East Bound and Down, he may as well have been. He clearly had the look for Hollywood and the drama. After Baller’s washout ten-year professional baseball career as a right-handed pitcher, police found him in his car passing a loaded and cocked pistol from hand to hand. During the arrest, a search uncovered bags of cocaine in each of his coat pockets and $15,000 of cold hard cash.

I personally think Jay chose the wrong career trajectory. With a name like Jay Baller coupled with an innate sense of style, he could have given Ron Jeremy some intense competition.


He definitely had the hair for porn: facial, chest, and likely pubic. Instead, Jay Baller chose baseball, and unfortunately, Jay’s right arm wasn’t as gifted as Ron’s third arm.

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Jim Gruseck

Jim Gruseck

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