Terribly Awesome Baseball Card: Keith Comstock

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Where is Bob Saget when you need him? This fan submission of Keith Comstock’s minor league card is the only card I’ve seen that looks like a still photo version of an America’s Funniest Home Videos entry. Some off camera teammate seems to have lobbed a baseball directly into Keith’s gonads as if this photo shoot was an outtake from a Jackass episode. Comstock’s minor league team is aptly named the Stars, which happens to be what Keith is seeing at this exact moment. With a minor league budget, do you think they could afford to reshoot this card? Hell no! From the look of that bulge in those tight pants, Keith is either wearing a cup or has a decent size package, so I offer no sympathy to him.

Keith Comstock went on to have a six-year career in the majors as a middle reliever. He now holds a position as the rehab pitching coordinator of the Texas Rangers, rehabilitating pitchers from rotator cuff surgery, elbow dislocation, and stray line drives to the scrotum.

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Jim Gruseck

Jim Gruseck

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