Terribly Awesome Baseball Card of the Day: Rich Gale

By June 12, 2013June 18th, 2018No Comments


Rich Gale, 1981 Topps

So much is awesome about this card. The transition lenses are in full effect and Rich’s mustache is amazing. But to me, the best part of the card is his perfectly landscaped quaff. It’s obvious that Rich is proud of the hair and wasn’t about to cover it up with a dirty Royals cap. Rich also knows the best way to show off a great head of hair isn’t from the front, but rather a nice profile shot, accompanied by a steely glare into the infinite beyond. Because what better way (other than being a professional ballplayer) to impress the ladies than with a killer baseball card that shows off the best part of Rich. I can picture him handing them out like business cards.

So, the next time someone approaches you today, turn to the side and give long, hard look into distance  in honor of Rich Gale and his awesomely terrible baseball card.