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Hot LSU girls and crazy fans at the game vs Alabama

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crazy hot lsu fans

Saturday was a college football sporgy (sports orgy) as the Notre Dame/Pitt game was in overtime just as the Oregon/USC game and Alabama/LSU games were starting.  Big boy football is played in the South so my attention turned to see if LSU and their Delonte West level crazy fans could will their Tigers to a win over the arch rival Crimson Tide.  Like I did before with the Oregon/Arizona State game I was scanning the crowd to see who the cameraman fancied, how rabid the fans were, and what sort of girls were in the crowd (for all you guys out there that like this sort of thing).  Well LSU fans went hard in the motha f’n paint as they lived up to their reputation and instantly became the number one fan base in terms of how awesome their fans were.

crazy lsu football fans

One theme that started right out of the gates was that there were way more girls in the crowd than guys. Think the opposite of Virginia Tech. Combine that plus a perennial top 5 football team every year plus Jordan Jefferson just hanging around campus and you have the recipe for awesomeness.

lsu football fan wearing croakies

It only took about three minutes before we saw our first bro rocking croakies. It’s pretty safe to assume that he thinks that he’s at least 20% cooler than you.

revenge is best served gold lsu fan

I would give this LSU fan, who looks like Brian from “The Pickup Artist”, a 9 out of 10 for the quality of the paint job and a 7 out of 10 for slogan.  It looks like he used tin foil on the “is best served” so he gets bonus points for that but the word “Revenge” is a little sloppy.  I saw the slogan he was rocking on a few other people so this was likely a common theme for some fans but I just didn’t find it all that cleaver.

lsu football fan tiger painted on chest

Looks like Biggie Smalls is alive and doing well in Baton Rouge.  10 out of 10 for the guy with the painted tiger on his chest.  That is the same quality of painting that they do on those Sports Illustrated models that get all painted up.  Very impressive especially out of a college dude. Also, I bet he did this to try and get attention and pick up chicks. I bet it worked.

lsu football fans dressed up in costume

Some common themes that we’ve seen at other games is bro’s wearing croakies and guys wearing sunglasses at night.  Here we see our first sunglasses at night douche.  This guy actually got a lot of airtime so the cameraman must have been a huge Corey Hart fan.

When I think of LSU football I think of hard hitting, speed, and toughness.  The costumes that these two dudes rock are the opposite of this. Even Carmelo Anthony’s defense think this is soft.

hot chick lsu football fans

This picture would be a good representation of the overall quality of the girls at LSU. Sprinkled in hotness with an overall very attainable but still good level.  I can not say the same thing happened when I did this for the Red River Rivalry.

crazy hot lsu fans

Admit it, you’d love to be this guy right now.  Who knows how his night ended up but I’m pretty sure it involved not wearing clothes and at least one of these three girls (if not two of them…it is college) heading back to his place to play just the tip. This could possibly be the best night of this guys life if all things line up perfectly.

lsu fan dressed up as ironman

Who wouldn’t want to wear an IronMan costume to the biggest football game of the year?  This guy may not have been able to see the game out of his mask but I do have to give him some love for fully committing to the gig. Who says that all of the attention has to go to the unbelievable game on the field. Look at Me!

The guy on the right is kinda funny.

hot lsu chick thinking

This is the start of a five photo montage of this chick (we’ll call her Mandy).  It doesn’t hurt that she’s hot so I didn’t think you’d mind.  Her hands are saying, “here is the church, here is the steeple, open the doors and see all the people” but her eyes are saying, “Pop in some R.Kelly and lets get after it”.

hot lsu football fan looking silly

I think I will have blue cheese with my salad.

hot lsu football fan hoping

God I love blue cheese.

lsu football fans in awe

We’ve got two looks going on here. The first (girl on left) is giving a “I’m watching a Presidential debate and Obama just announced that we all get a free taco if he wins” look.  Mandy looks like she is a Mom that’s proud of her son who just hit a double at tee ball.

lsu football fan shouting

Bring back Jordan Jefferson! Mandy looks concerned.

really hot lsu football fan chick

LSU +1. She might be the hottest girl of the night.

avatar painted lsu football fans

You know that LSU fans are crazy when you have girls, who look to be going with an Avatar theme, willing to paint their entire body for the game.  No way you see this at the Temple/Louisville game.

prissy lsu hot girl football fans

If you are a High School student and you aren’t starting to consider LSU yet then there is something wrong with you.  The girl on the left looks like she knows someone who plays polo.

beat bama sunglasses on lsu fan

Look who’s made another appearance, our “Revenge is best served gold” friend. It’s only the second quarter and his paint job is already starting to break down. By the fourth quarter he’s going to look like a spotty Grimace.  What I liked best out of this picture was the “Beat Bama” sunglasses.  Those words on the lenses trump the doucheyness of wearing sunglasses at night, thus making them acceptable to wear.

three hot college lsu fans

I’m sure they are down (insert whatever question you want).

horrible costume by lsu football fan

Wow, the quality of this costume is about as good as JaMarcus Russell’s NFL career was.

crazy fun lsu football fans

Life is still unreal for this guy.  At this point I’m convinced that he’s going to take two of these chicks home if not all three.  Thankfully he looks like a veteran so I’m sure that his mini fridge is stocked with Natty Light and 5 Hour Energy.

hot alabama cheerleader

This was the only shot of the cheerleaders for either team that was shown at any point.  That is a great sign for the credibility of the fans and a very bad sign for the quality of the cheerleaders.  Lets just say that they aren’t in the same stratosphere as Oregon’s cheerleaders.

fans of lsu football

Sure LSU is trailing 14-3 but why is the red headed dude so pissed.  Everyone around him looks like they just won a free donut and coffee from Dunkin Donuts but apparently that’s doesn’t make him happy.  Also, just pointing out another looker.

girls in the crowd at lsu football

Based on what I’ve seen so far it looks like the girl to guy ratio at LSU is 4 to 1. Need I remind you that these girls also love football and not just in a “I like Tom Brady because he’s hot” kind of way. You hear mean single guys, go move to Baton Rouge and get you one.

cheering lsu football fans

These three girls got a lot of air time and seemed like fun Woo girls. The one on the right was pretty awkward at cheering almost like it was her first time learning how to ride a bike but she was going to give it her all anyways. It was about as natural as a Chuck Hayes free throw.

lsu fan in green masters hat

I see ya man, love the Masters hat. Great Bubba Watson impression. Also, more LSU hotness.

awkward lsu football fan cheering

Here’s the awkward cheer girl continuing to cheer very oddly. The guy on the right shows us what he thinks of her cheering.

lsu girls in the crowd

This is past the point of ridiculous. I know that cameramen are all pervy most of the time but it’s not possible to show this many girls in one place without there being no other option.

lsu fan in halo helmet

We’ve found our second masked fan.  This guy went with the Halo plus jersey look. Oh the tough life choices that college students have to make.

we are number one lsu football fan

The guy on the right is accurately portraying how we feel about the guy on the left wearing sunglasses at night.  That sure is an aggressive “We are number 1” show of expression.

three hot lsu girls

Ho hum, just more hot LSU girls.  At this point I’m bored with the girls. I’d rather see a frat bro dressed up as a robot vampire Les Miles.

bad haircut lsu football fan

Guys with hair like this should most definitely be profiled in life. I don’t know any respected person that looks like the lead singer for the Spin Doctors.

tons of girls at lsu bama game

I don’t see a single guy in this picture….really. Try and find one.

Even though I added an extra half hour of taping to the Tivo the game ran long and I didn’t get the last five minutes. I’m pretty sure you’d see a lot of the same: girls, girls, a guy wearing sunglasses at night, and no Alabama fans (that’s right, notice how there wasn’t a single one featured. That’s because there weren’t any). Here’s how I would score the fans and girls of the LSU vs Alabama game:

  • Girls: 9.5 out of 10. There was a very high quantity and the quality was pretty good too.
  • How Fratty were the Bro’s: 7 out of 10. Decent presence of croakies and wearing sunglasses at night. Lost points for no guys wearing a bow tie.
  • Craziness of Fans: 9 out of 10. Two guys wearing robot masks, numerous painted fans, and virtually every picture had people going nuts. Would have been a 10 if there was a guy with his shirt off waving it around.
  • There were also zero instances of catching a fan wearing the apparel of another team which is good for a few bonus points.
  • Overall: 9.9 out of 10. LSU fans came hard and really impressed me. That place was rocking.

After seeing these pictures what are your guys impression now of the fans of LSU? Put your response in the comments section below. Anyone who comments will be entered into our weekly giveaway.

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