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Will Muschamp making crazy faces during the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

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wes muschamp

Florida Gators Head Coach Will Muschamp is a funny cat. His range of emotions are less stable than that of a 16 year old high school girl and he definitely isn’t afraid to show them. At last Saturday’s World’s Largest Cocktail Party vs Georgia he was on his game as the Gators were entrenched in a back and forth battle that had him all riled up like his wife was making him go to JoAnne Fabrics on a Sunday afternoon. Here are the many different faces that he made.

stumped will muschamp look

Wait, Bobby Bonilla is still getting paid by the New York Mets face.

bewildered will muschamp look

So you are telling me that Theo Ratliff never had double digit rebounds in a season yet made over $100 million for his NBA career face.

robot will muschamp look

Possessed robot I sort of look like Chad Pennington face.

angry will muschamp look

Trying to take a steak bone away from a dog face.

livid will muschamp look

You just fake chowed my wife face.

raging will muschamp look

I’m only doing this porno to help pay for college face.

pissed will muschamp look

You ate Daddy’s big piece of chicken face.

yelling will muschamp look

Hungry Hungry Hippos face.

will muschamp walking to game

I can’t believe my wife dressed me in this putrid khaki/camel colored suit and I’m a little bit defeated face.

smiling will muschamp look

I do enjoy the occasional Twizzler face.

frustrated will muschamp look

I can’t believe that I bet on the Kansas City Chiefs face.

darf will muschamp look

The George W Bush face.

huh will muschamp look

That meatloaf isn’t sitting too well face.

i have to take a dump will muschamp look

Milk was a bad choice face.

you have to be kidding me will muschamp look

I just saw Greg Oden naked face.

looking at blimp will muschamp face

What does the sign on the Goodyear blimp say face.

making up answer will muschamp look

How can I be as vague as possible while still answering the question face.

mouth wide open will muschamp look

Someone is playing with my balls off the camera face.

fake answer will muschamp look

If one train leaves Chicago for Kansas City at 2 pm going 40 miles per hour and another leaves Houston at 3 pm going 55 miles per hour which train will arrive in Kansas City first face.

talking to tracy wolfson will muschamp look

I’m thinking about the dog from Marley & Me face.

will muschamp looking at tracy wolfson's boobs

I’m looking at Tracy Wolfson’s boobs face.

pitbull will muschamp look

I can’t believe the dog just crapped on the floor again face.

seething will muschamp look

You just farted while I’m eating dinner face.

beyond livid will muschamp look

Peeing on an electric fence face.

blowing a gasket will muschamp look

Straining to keep a turtle head from popping out face.

sad will muschamp look

Renee Zellweger was such a sweetie in Jerry McGuire face.

humpty will muschamp look

Damn that was a good marathon sex session face.

gonna take a dump will muschamp look

Fine I’ll give this power bottom thing a try face.

yes will muschamp look

I just got a remote controlled helicopter for Christmas face.

yelling will muschamp look

I – CAN’T – HEAR – YOU face.

zombie will muschamp look

Holy crap, I can’t believe that Hulk Hogan is the third member of the Outsiders face.

blah will muschamp look

Darf face.

i can not believe this will muschamp look

How can you be out of rental cars when I have my confirmation right here face.

no way will muschamp look

I can’t believe you think that beef brisket is better than pulled pork face.

scolding player will muschamp look

This is why we can’t have nice things face.

oh well will muschamp look

Sometimes I wish that people knew that I had feelings too face.

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