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Most interesting Kurt Thomas article ever that you can’t afford to not read

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kurt thomas jerseysKurt Thomas has been in the NBA for what seems like 100 years now but I rarely see him getting any dap. For someone who’s been around so long I feel like we should have picked up a nugget or two of information about him but that’s not the case. He’s just as mysterious as what’s in that briefcase in Ronin. Well all of that is changing starting right now. Here’s the most interesting article about Kurt Thomas ever (yes, ever!).

In college, at TCU, he was only the third player in history to lead the NCAA in both scoring and rebounding. The other two guys that did it didn’t suck: Hank Gathers and the X-man Xavier McDaniel.

Kurt Thomas was drafted 10th overall in the 1995 NBA Draft. He was selected directly after Ed O’Bannon and right before the Shaq of the MAC Gary Trent, and Cherokee Parks. Ya, let that marinade for a second.

Kurt Thomas has played for 9 different teams in his 18 year career. Every year he has worn the number 40 except for one, part of the 2007-08 season with the Seattle Super Sonics. No player on that Sonics team wore number 40 and Thomas had to instead opt for #44. I’m guessing that’s because it was Shawn Kemp’s number and they are going to retire it one day. Imagine how expensive those travel arrangements are going to be for Shawn Kemp.


That season with the Super Sonics Thomas only played in 49 games with them because he was traded to the San Antonio Spurs for former Slam Dunk Champ Brent Barry (the weakest of all the Slam Dunk champs in my opinion), some no name guy and a draft pick that turned into nothing special. Be happy that you now know that Kurt Thomas and Brent Barry were once traded for each other.

He is the oldest active player at 40 years old. He is one day older than Grant Hill. Knowing that he’s one day older than Grant Hill is something that I certainly won’t ever forget.

Kurt Thomas made over $65 million in his career. That’s slightly more than Darius Miles made in his NBA career ($61.9 million). Talk about two polar opposite careers.

Here’s a video of Kurt Thomas making a three pointer. He’s only made 9 in his career so this is kind of a big deal (he’s 9 for 32). Also, in case you are wondering what the situation is in which Kurt Thomas shoots a three pointer. The Knicks are up 41 points with 1:49 left in the game and the shot clock is expiring.

In the 2001-02 and 2002-03 seasons he lead the NBA in personal fouls. That’s something to be proud of.

Once in his career he was the Eastern Conference player of the week. That was back in the week ending May 10, 2002 when he was with the New York Knicks. He put up a 21.0 ppg, 13.8 rpg, 34-56 FGA, .607% stat line. Way to ball so hard Kurt Thomas! In case you were wondering, also on that Knicks team were Clarence Weatherspoon, Spree, Charlie Ward, Othella Harrington, and Shandon Anderson.

Thomas has two career 20+ rebound games, both with the Knicks, and has a career high of 33 points in a game (he’s done that twice).

Say hello to the Kurt Thomas Adidas a3 Clutch Mid’s. These were a shoe that Adidas made for him back in 06′ when he was still just a little lower case g. Rock these bad boys and you are the most retro of all the hoopsters and sneakerheads.

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There is a guy named Kurt Thomas that is a World Champion gymnast that got inducted into the Missouri Valley Conference Hall of Fame. I wonder how often someone mixes one of them up for the other? Also, I wonder if Kurt Thomas the gymnast thinks that he’s the greatest Kurt Thomas of all time.

So that was the most interesting Kurt Thomas article ever, right? Well do Kurt Thomas a solid and forward this on to a fellow NBA fan. Let’s try and spread the love and show Kurt Thomas (the baller) that we appreciate him being in the NBA for this long and not flaming out like Ed O’Bannon.


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