The Pandas Friend Teddy Bear Shoes

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teddy-bear-shoes-the-pandas-friendI’ll never forget the time I went into the Adidas Originals store in Chicago and saw the most insane pair of sneakers ever. I thought I was tripping on mushrooms when I saw the groovy flower print and lime green sole Teddy Bear sneakers.  Designer Jeremy Scott didn’t stop there. To swag even harder he dropped teddy bear suspenders and a matching teddy bear jacket that even Craig Sager would think is ridiculous.

Now you might think this was the fad of all fads never to be duplicated, but you would be wrong. I bring to you the friendly panda shoe. Metta World Peace is going through yet another name change with a shoe to match. You will now address him as The Pandas Friend. Panda Express is currently weighing the pro’s and con’s of an endorsement deal.

The brawler baller (formerly know as Artest) will be lacing up for the Sichuan Blue Whales of the Chinese Basketball Association. The Pandas Friend will be rocking either a white or black pair and will throw it to a spectator in the crowd. If you’re lucky enough to catch it you will be The Panda’s Friend of the day. It is unclear what that entails but if it were me I would like to be featured on his next mixtape.

Greg Hunter

Greg Hunter

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