The Playoffs Universe: NBA Stars as Comic Book Characters

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lebron-lanternThe NBA playoffs are in full swing and are providing basketball fans plenty of action once again. For those of us who can’t wait until football and who want to seize the wagering opportunities visiting online sportsbooks like will definitely help. To say that the current crop of NBA players are superheroes is an understatement. With their ability to jump out of the gym and be as physically imposing as a Black Bear there is no surprise that sports fans have come to regard these players as superheroes. Sports odds will always be in your favor if you stick to these players when you wager online. Here are some current NBA players and the comic book character that they’d be.

LeBron James = Green Lantern

Both LeBron and the Green Lantern’s capacity to achieve great things is no longer a secret. However, the things that motivate them to go out of their comfort zone and take the necessary steps to world domination remains a puzzle for everyone. LeBron and The Green Lantern have capabilities that other players and superheroes can only dream of. They just require a final push of motivation and a stroke of brilliance that will turn them into world renowned stars.

Kevin Durant = Captain America

Kevin Durant’s tall frame and effortless shot makes him the perfect embodiment of Captain America. Prior to being the wartime superhero that the United States has grown to love, Captain America spent years being that guy that people pass on. After years of being the underdog, Captain America got his big break and started blowing the socks off of everyone. The Trail Blazers passed on Kevin Durant for Greg Oden and that proved to be one of the biggest mistakes in NBA history. Durant shed the image of not being the top dog and has been nothing short of spectacular since arriving in the league.

Joakin Noah = Wolverine

Joakim Noah is a freaking beast, just like Wolverine. He works hard, has unmatched energy and vigor, and will give a roaring shout after getting a 4th quarter AND 1. Noah doesn’t have the super powers/gifts like Kevin Durant, nor does Wolverine have the gifts that Captain America does. However, Wolverine’s dad was also a professional tennis player so he’s got that going for him.

Zach Randolph = The Juggernaut

Possessing great strength and power, the Juggernaut is a force to reckon with in the Marvel universe. Z-Bo on the court embodies the abilities of the Juggernaut by breaking down the walls of defense built against him to score. Just like the Juggernaut’s gift for destruction, Z-Bo’s strength both on the defensive and offensive ends is what destroys the opposing team’s hope and quest for glory in the NBA.

Stephen Curry = Green Arrow

His series of wonderfully precise shots have transformed Stephen Curry to The Green Arrow for NBA fans. His ability to drain a J from way downtown while on a fast break is unmatched and his aim is better than Peter North’s. Straight and sure as an arrow, the precision exhibited by Curry’s shots is enough to form a solid semblance to The Green Arrow.

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