The Unforgotten: #511 – Chris Childs

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Chris Childs is most known for punching Kobe Bryant in the face. Something about watching that video is very enjoyable. In the event that you are with someone who actually knows who Chris Childs is bet them a beer that they can’t guess what college he went to within 5 tries. No way they’ll get it. Boise St. The only other basketball player to go there was George Karl’s son Coby Karl (we are using the term “basketball player” very loosely).

Childs career peaked in the 95′-96′ season with the Knicks as he averaged 12.8 ppg, 7 dimes, and 1.4 steals. He followed that up with 9.3, 6.1, 1.2 the next year. Unfortunately some guy that won the Heisman Trophy, Charlie Ward, started to emerge and that relegated Childs to the bench. Despite not starting Childs still averaged 23+ minutes per game over the next four and a half seasons with the Knicks and was a valuable contributor.

Over his nine seasons he made over $26.8 million. Similar players to Childs are Blue Edwards, Steve Blake, and Isaiah Rider.

Here is a video that is a highlight real of Chris Childs and Charlie Ward. Apparently that seemed like a better use of time than putting one together for Othella Harrington and Travis Knight.

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