Kruky and the Big Unit, NHL Sports Trivia, and Baconnaise

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this-day-in-sports-june-10Another Monday and another day closer to another Chicago Blackhawks Cup celebration. Hells Yes!!!!!! Original Six matchup starts Wednesday in Chicago at the Madhouse on Madison. In other news, the Miami Heat completely dominated the Spurs last night with LeBron coming up with the most bad ass rejection ever. If you haven’t seen the block, your missing out.

Blowing out the Candles

  • Happy Birthday Marion “the Barbarian” Barber, a great downhill runner for the Dallas Cowboys. We fondly remember you here in Chicago for going out of bounds and helping us lose against the Tim Tebow led Denver Broncos. I still have night sweats. But lets flip the coin and watch the Barbarian get absolutely plowed by Julius Peppers.

  • Happy Birthday Randy Johnson, by far the ugliest dominant pitcher of the 20th century. I do not think PETA will be calling him soon. Nobody wants to see him naked and Randy is an animal killer, literally.

What happened on this day in sports

  • On June 10, 1921 Babe Ruth becomes the all-time leader in home runs with 121. We can only wonder if he was juicing to hit all of those.
  • This day in 1944 Joe Nuxhall becomes the youngest baseball player in history at the age of 15. His appearance was due to a shortage of arms during WWII but he managaed to play a total of 16 seasons in the big leagues.
  • This day 7 years ago the Colorado Avalanche sweep the Florida Panthers win Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Totally Random Awesome Sports Video

Here is fantastic video of Randy Johnson scaring the pants off of John Kruk in the All-Star game. Kruk is literally scared to continue his at bat. Grow a pair Kruky.

Sports Trivia- NHL Edition (answers below)

  1. Which player holds the record for most career hat tricks?
  2. Name the original six hockey teams?
  3. Who is the active player with the 5th most points in NHL playoff history?
  4. Who is the NHL leader is most shots taken?
  5. What is the number of games the NHL had each team play in the regular season this year?

Two Balls and One Strike

Two of the stats/facts below are true and one of them is completely made up. Which one is not true? (answers at bottom of page)

  1. Bob Hill was the coach fired by the San Antonio Spurs to make way for Gregg Popovich.
  2. The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers were originally named the Golden Bears.
  3. The current champion in WWE is John Cena.

Bacon Love


For all the Bacon lovers out there, here is possibly the worlds best bacon spread for your eating enjoyment.

Sports Trivia Answers

  1. Wayne Gretzky
  2. Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Rangers.
  3. Jaromir Jagr
  4. Ray Bourque
  5. 48

Two Balls One Strike Answer

2. The University of Minnesota was never the Golden Bears.