Jake the Snake, Manny being Manny, and #1 Draft Pick Trivia

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this-day-in-sports-may-30-cup-checkHappy Thursday, why does a shortened week always feel longer? C’mon Friday, hurry and get here.

Blowing out the Candles

  • Happy Birthday Billy Donovan, head coach of the Orlando Magic Florida Gators Men’s Basketball team. Billy amassed a total of one season in the NBA and totaled 364 minutes. Hey, at least he can say he made it to the show.
  • Happy Birthday Harrison Barnes, 7th overall pick of 2012 draft. He is known as the Black Falcon. The what?
  • Gale Sayers will be blowing out some candles today. Just like he did his knee back in 1970. If not, the Kansas Comet could have put up numbers that still may not be broken to this very day.
  • Feliz Cumpleanos Manny Ramirez. When being interviewed for his new spot on the Chicago White Sox, Manny chose to only speak Spanish through assistant coach Joey Cora. Yet on the previous 4 teams he had played for, he always chose to speak English by himself. Manny being Manny.
  • Happy birthday Jake the Snake Roberts. You wowed us with your snake charming ways in the ring and were the inventor of the famous DDT finishing move. The DDT definitely helped me take my brothers down many times.
  • Blow em out P.J. Carlesimo. Thankfully he has the breath to do that. Latrell tried to take that away.

What happened on this day in sports

  • On this day in 1922, the Chicago Cubs and St Louis Cardinals made a trade in the middle of a doubleheader and both players traded, played for the other team in the second game of the doubleheader.
  • Farewell Babe Ruth. On this day he played his last game and went hitless for the Boston Braves.
  • On this day in 1953, the first Major League baseball game is aired on television. Thank you Lord for allowing me to live in todays technology driven world where I can watch any game at anytime.

Totally Random Awesome Sports Video

Many people may not know there is a professional baseball league in Japan. We all need to thank them right now for having that league. Otherwise we would never have this video of Manny Ramirez to share.

Sports Trivia- Baseball #1 Draft Picks Edition (answers below).

  1. First overall pick of the White Sox in 1977 who played DH and right field. He is a Hall of Famer and current MLB hitting coach.
  2. This outfielder was drafted #1 in 1980 by the NY Mets. He hit like a King until he snorted.
  3. Son of an MLB player, he was drafted #1 overall, had a pure left-handed swing, and the greatest baseball card of the late 80’s.
  4. Highest paid player in the history of the game, drafted #1 overall in 1993, and just sold his house for a truck load of money.
  5. 2000 #1 overall pick, drafted by the Marlins, now on his 4th MLB team. He also played for Mexico in the WBC.

Two Balls and One Strike

Two of the stats/facts below are true and one of them is completely made up. Which one is not true? (answers at bottom of page)

  1. Future Hall of Famer, Eddie Belfour, was undrafted.
  2. Slot receiver Wes Welker was undrafted out of Texas Tech.
  3. Marques Colston was undrafted, yet has caught 55 touchdowns in his career already.

Bacon Love

Screw Tickle Me Elmo. The hottest toy this upcoming Christmas will definitely be the Mr. Potato Head pinhead wrapped in bacon.


Sports Trivia Answers

  1. Harold Baines
  2. Darryl Strawberry
  3. Ken Griffey Jr
  4. Alex Rodriguez
  5. Adrian Gonzalez

Two Balls One Strike Answer

3. Marques Colston was drafted in the 7th round.