This weekend in jerseys: the Bears vs Panthers game

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I was an eager beaver and despite being out the night before for Halloween I was up early for the Bears vs Panthers game on Sunday. Like I always do I was Rick Rossing it as I was hustlin’ to find the best, worst, and most random jerseys that were out there. Luckily for me football nation was rocking their jerseys hard, proud, and super random.

Curtis Enis chicago bears jersey

This Curtis Enis Chicago Bears jersey was sent in by BS regular Gibson Smith and it is one of the top three jerseys that a Bears fan could rock. The other two, in no order, would be Rashaan Salaam and probably Rick Mirer. This is the second Curtis Enis jersey that we’ve found so I won’t go into why it’s so awesome. Instead I’ll pose a question to you. Which bust running back jersey would you be most impressed by seeing: Curtis Enis Chicago Bears, Ki-Jana Carter Cincinnati Bengals, Blair Thomas New York Jets, or Lawrence Phillips St Louis Rams? My vote would go for a Blair Thomas Jets jersey.

nick dizzle panthers jersey

It takes a special cat to drop $270 on an authentic customized Carolina Panthers jersey and put “Nickdizzle” on the back. #20 for the Panthers is Chris Gamble and to my knowledge I don’t believe that his nickname is Nickdizzle. Luckily for this guy I’m sure that people will be calling him Nickdizzle for the next 50 years of his life so he’ll get plenty of use out of this jersey.

stephen davis carolina panthers jersey

Just when I thought that it couldn’t get any better than seeing a Curtis Enis Bears jersey I see someone wearing a very worn Stephen Davis Carolina Panthers jersey. Davis is most remembered for his time with the Washington Redskins but in his first year with the Panthers he went HAM on the NFL. He rushed for a career high 1444 yards and threw in 8 rushing TD’s for the 2003 Panthers team that made it all the way to the Super Bowl. After an injury the following season Davis’ career was never the same and the days of him being a featured back that carried the ball 20+ times a game were over.

Despite the success that he had on the field there is one thing that instantly pops into my mind when I hear the name Stephen Davis. It is Michael Westbrook throwing bombs on Davis during training camp when the two were on the Redskins together. Here’s the video:

george halas chicago bears jersey

Leave it to a really old guy to rock an old school G.S. Halas Bears jersey. The Bears wear GHS on the sleeve of their jerseys and that’s the extent of the George Halas love that I’ve seen until this guy. I’m all for giving respect where it’s due but I think that rocking the jersey of an owner is pretty lame. I thought that when we saw a yinzer rocking an Art Rooney Sr jersey and I still think it now (so says the guy that thinks that rocking a Blair Thomas jersey is cool).

two brian urlacher bears jerseys

There’s nothing cool about seeing a Brian Urlacher jersey (it’s too common) but this did give a nice look at two guys who decided to go with alternate color jerseys. You don’t see the phantom black very often so I consider it a small treat. Sort of like seeing John Skelton throw a touchdown. You aren’t exactly clamoring to see it but when it happens you say, “oh, that’s nice”.

Anthony Thomas chicago bears Jersey

I’m ashamed to say that I had to ask this guy who’s jersey this was and was delighted when he said “The A-Train” Anthony Thomas. The A-Train’s time with the Bears was pretty much a roller coaster. To start off his career he led the team in rushing for three consecutive years including rushing for a career high 1183 yards and 7 TD’s his rookie year as the Bears went 13-3. At that point expectations were as high as Rashaan Salaam but unfortunately the train derailed as Jim Miller realized that he was Jim Miller and quickly came back to earth. The Bears regressed and went 4-12 that next season followed by 7-9 as they were led by none other than Kordell Stewart. The A-Train did rush for 1000 yards in year three but when the Bears brought in Thomas Jones the following season that was pretty much the end of the trip for the Train. I am a big fan of this jersey as it is both obscure (so you won’t seem many other people rocking it) and features a player that was good enough to where seeing their jersey isn’t a total joke.

mike ditka chicago bears jersey

You’d think that you would see more Mike Ditka Bears jersey but they are few and far between. I just wanted to give this guy some love for what is the most Chicago jersey you could possibly wear. It is a great combination of being a throwback, being general awesome, and garnering respect from others that see you rocking it.

ryan kalil carolina panthers jersey

I bet you’ve never seen a Ryan Kalil Carolina Panthers jersey before. No, this isn’t the Kalil that was drafted 4th overall by the Minnesota Vikings. That’s his brother Matt. This is Ryan Kalil, the three time Pro Bowler and highest paid center in the history of football. Aside from his stud accolades on the field he is most known for saying that the Carolina Panthers were going to win the Super Bowl this year. Ya, so about that.

If you are at a tailgate or in a bar and see a bad, random, or unique jersey then send it our way. You can send them to rob @ or you can hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.

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