Last second upset in Thursday Jerzday

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hank-gathers-jersey-frontSummertime is Hoopster season and the quality of the random jerseys sightings that are being sent in is at Kathy Ireland in her prime levels of awesome. When Cedric Ceballos Lakers, Gary Trent Trailblazers, and Bill Wennington Bulls jerseys don’t crack the top three that’s saying something.

Like we did starting last week, every Thursday is Thursday Jerzday and we’ll be giving away a Bacon Sports Tecmo Bowl t-shirt to the best jersey pic that’s sent in from the past week. To enter all you’ve gotta do is snap a random jersey pic and tweet it to us @BaconSports or email it to

Here’s the creme de la creme of random jerseys sightings from the past seven days.

First Place – Hank Gathers Loyola Marymount jersey. This was a midweek entry sent in after I posted a picture on twitter where I was rocking a pair of ski goggles and a Hank Gathers t-shirt. There are a few things that are almost automatic victories and anything dealing with Hank Gathers is most certainly one of them. Kevin Hegarty not only had a Hank Gathers jersey but sent over the hat trick of Hank Gathers awesomeness. This right here embodies everything that Bacon Sports stands for. For you, Hank!


Second Place – It’s a tough crowd when capturing two people rocking San Jose Sharks jerseys at the British Open doesn’t win but that is the case here. This pic does get the award for the most exotic location to date where a random jersey sighting was captured. Chances are these Sharks fans also root for Lee Westwood so they are used to not winning when it matters. Shout out to Kevin Miller for this.


Third Place – For a second week in a row Cubs fans have opted to put a musician’s name on the back of a jersey. This time Jason Aldean gets the honors. Shout out to Brett Doszak for this find.



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Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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