Top 10 Random Jerseys from New York and South Florida

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best-random-jerseys“It’s been a long time since I left you without a dope beat to step to…” – Timbaland

Sorry for the long absence Bacon Sports fans. The jersey czar has been quite busy with many things lately, but I have not forgotten about you. Over the last few weeks I’ve been documenting the best random jerseys in West Palm Beach, Miami, and New York City while out on the town. Here are the ten best I captured.

tim-hardaway-heat-jersey10. While at SunFest in West Palm Beach (it’s the closest thing we have to Milwaukee’s Summerfest in South Florida, and it’s still not even close to as big), I found some legit Miami Heat fans. Anyone can walk around in a jersey of the Big Three, but those who were there from the beginning rock Tim Bug, Zo, G-Money, Thunder Dan, or Rony Seikaly. I’d love to see a P.J. Brown jersey, but what happens if that guy ran into someone with a Charlie Ward jersey?  In the meantime, I’ll take my three the Hardaway.

vince-carter-raptors-jersey9. I know this is a little blurry, and that’s because I had to chase this kid coming off of the 7 train. That’s a Vince Carter New Jersey Nets jersey. It’s not necessarily that random, but I have to give props to young hoopsters when I can. They’re our future, and one day, that jersey will be considered a #randomjersey.

pete-rose-phillies-jersey8. Phillies fans at the Mets game on Mother’s Day brought it pretty hard. I’m a fan of the burgundy throwbacks, and I believe Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame. I told him I would bet him his photo would appear on Bacon Sports. He declined. Not very Pete Rose of you sir, but awesome jersey nonetheless.

charles-barkley-suns-jersey7. If you read my Jersey Guide you would instantly recognize that this jersey is a knockoff. However, it was done quite well, and who am I to say no to a 90s Sir Charles Phoenix Suns jersey? Leaving that off the list would be turrible.

udonis-haslem-heat-jersey6. Not many people have the swag to wear Udonis Haslem. Many other Miami Heat players would be bought first, but this guy found himself a retro jersey of the man with the most rebounds in team history. Little known fact, Haslem and Dwayne Wade are 1 and 2 for most career games played in a Miami Heat uniform. The difference is so minimal that who is first and who is second changes every so often. “U” does the Heat’s dirty work, and they wouldn’t have half the grit they do without him.

bernie-williams-yankees-jersey5. I present to you the one and only, Jersey Czarina herself! She’s rockin’ a Bernie Williams jersey on our flight home from New York. I despise the Yankees, so this is proof that if you want a relationship to work, you’d best be willing to compromise.

jim-eisenreich-phillies-jersey4. I told you those Phillies fans knew what was up. They were doing better than the Mets fans. Jim Eisenreich (again, a knockoff) was definitely a big part of those 90s Phillies teams. Most fans think of John Kruk, Darren Daulton, Lenny Dykstra, etc. However, Jim Eisenreich was equally important to their success, and he also helped the Florida Marlins win their first World Series a few years later.

raul-ibanez-phillies-jersey3. Raul Ibañez? He’s played for five teams and worn eight different numbers. In nearly 20 years he’s had a pretty solid career, but he’s usually forgotten. Now we’re really getting into #randomjersey territory!

antoine-walker-heat-jersey2. At Game 1 of the Miami Heat vs. Brooklyn Nets series I found someone with an Antoine Walker jersey! Why do you shoot so many threes? Because there are no fours! I love it!

ray-ordonez-mets-jersey 1. My top spot goes to this woman at Citi Field. I nearly missed her, so my apologies for the photo quality. Who remembers Rey Ordoñez? His career started out great, he won three Gold Gloves, and Ozzie Smith once said about him, “I can definitely say he is the second-coming of me.” Unfortunately he couldn’t hit, and his career lasted less than ten seasons (if you cut out his shortened seasons with the Rays and Cubs, he really only has six years of service). Here’s what makes this jersey so great, though… Ordoñez only wore #0 his first two seasons as a Major Leaguer. Way to go, lady!

If you see a random jersey on the street take a pick and tweet it to us @BaconSports. Make sure to use #randomjersey!




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