Top 5 Dad Bods in the NFL

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Dad bod is a growing epidemic that must be stopped! I don’t care how much a dude loves beer and burgers, I like my men to have more than a one-pack stomach. Alas, this is the world we live in, and dad bod has kind of become the standard for men across America.

Dad bod is not limited to your Average Joes, though. Its presence has been felt in sports, largely in the NFL. Here are the top five dad bods in the NFL right now. And yes, they’re all quarterbacks.

1. Peyton Manning

Narrow shoulders, a pot belly and some antiquated dance moves land America’s favorite Manning on this list. While Eli at least has an athletic physique, Peyton looks like he’d be better suited to coach a pee wee football team than QB an NFL team, but he’s also Peyton Manning and still wins. He’s the man.

2. Jameis Winston

Who’d’ve thunk the youngest guy on this list would perhaps have the most dad-esque bod? I have to admit, when I first saw those shirtless pics of Jameis a while back, I was shocked that this man was a Heisman Trophy winner, but then I remembered Vince Young existed, so there’s that.

3. Ben Roethlisberger

No dad bod list is complete without some Big Ben. Not only is his face still suffering the repercussions of riding a motorcycle without a helmet, but his bod isn’t exactly compensating for his lack of Brad Pitt features. At least his arm is legit.

4. Matthew Stafford

Another reasonably young guy with an unreasonably old-looking body. Love me some Staff. For real. This dude has a laser arm, but apparently his torso didn’t get the memo. I guess some softness around the mid-section might help him absorb hits better?

5. Philip Rivers

Trying to find a picture of Philip Rivers’ bod on the interwebs is like trying to find a carnival shooting game that Gilbert Arenas hasn’t won. It’s pretty much impossible. Let’s face it, there’s something popping out from the bottom of his golf shirt, and I don’t think it’s his rib pads.

Those are the five NFLers whose bods defy sports physics. You wouldn’t expect pro athletes to have dad bods, but here we are. Not that any of these guys care. They still make more money in one week that I’ll make in five years. Oh, and everyone knows their names. I guess it’s good to be a dad bod.

Rebecca Ramos

Rebecca Ramos

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